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If I looked like you, I'd kill myself...

"If I looked like you,
I'd kill myself,"
he said
to his reflection
in the mirror.


I saw a movie yesterday. It's about a kid who has a disfigured face. It has julia roberts as his mother. He's taunted by all the kids. Movies and literature are good for mind-reading people. People's differences are something that we should try to ignore if it leaves room for improvement. A child who's disfigured would touch anyone a lesson on how to behave as a moral lesson. So embrace the message. I see room for improvement on the poem based on what I saw yesterday on this theme. It's best to embrace our good sides. The movie is called "Wonder" 2017. I wish I had some messages that were original, and they make for excellent poems. So nothing wrong with the poem. I feel it needs to explore a positive side of society's morality. As for me I am watching more movies to make sure it's never boring.

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