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ICYMI: WE 12/29/18

(I'm thinking a semi-focused weekly wrap-up of all things great and small is in order. Or most things. Or, whatever...
Tune back regularly for insight, enlightenment and intellectual vomit.)

So it was Christmas. Hanukkah. Kwanza. Festivus. For everyone in the Northern Hemisphere, it's dark and cold, and we need a reason not to be pissed-off and depressed. Hope you found your reason.

What if we shut-down a government, and no one cared? That happened. Donald is pouting at his desk, Nancy is sunning herself in Hawaii and kids are dying in custody at the border. Also, I hear the US Coast Guard is unfunded. So, for those looking to move some late Holliday cheer, there you go. I'm still working, 'cause it turns out keeping ships afloat is considered "essential". Who knew?

More deaths from a seismically-triggered tsunami. Indonesia again. As a resident living along The Ring of Fire, this is scary stuff. I live on a peninsula where 90% of our power and communications are strung along a bridge spanning the Puget Sound. How you all feeling? Safe? "I don't know how you people live with all those earthquakes!", says the guy living in a double-wide along the Gulf Coast.

Y'know who ain't feeling safe. The Kurds. We're throwing them under the bus... again. Seriously, who in their right mind is going to trust the United States and it's ADHD foreign policy?! I'm not against pulling out of Syria, but you gotta know that if Vlad Putin likes something, it's gotta be bad for everyone else. You can hear Israel's face palm echo from Tel Aviv to D.C.. Jordan is dusting off it's line to Moscow, just in case. Iran is jumping for joy. But don't worry. Turkey has a plan in place to deal with the "Kurdish Issue". It'll look a lot like the Armenian solution 100 years ago.

If you haven't looked at the markets recently, take some Dramamine first. It's been compared to a roller coaster. I agree, but only if the ride was designed by two drunk chimpanzees, and constructed out of bamboo and thread. 500 to 1000 point swings ain't normal. We average a major correction / recession every 7 years historically. We're 10 years into this Bull market. Do the math. If you haven't cashed-out yet, you're probably too late. But, if you have liquid assets, I'm predicting a bottoming-out of the DOW about 3000 points from it's current close. That's when I'm looking at jumping back in.

Meanwhile, Muller still doesn't have the evidence to convict Trump of anything, so he keeps picking the low-hanging fruit like tax cheats and foreign lobbyists. Trump is an idiot, but he's not guilty of anything. Seriously, what is with this jihad against The Donald? His best and brightest are jumping ship quicker than First Class Titanic passengers. There's an old saying, "When your adversary is causing himself damage, it is wise to leave him alone." This really makes Trump's opponents look petty. Stop throwing tofu-meat to your extreme base and move along. Sheesh.

How's that justice for Khashoggi going? Anyone? But hey, those gas prices sure are low. Except in France (Macron, you're a socialist globalist idiot). Anyway, thanks CPM, you're a lamb.

If you're one of the 37 people left that have a Sears account, congrats. Of course, IDK how you're reading this over your dial-up modem.

I'm sure I missed something this week, but it's whatever I find interesting or noteworthy. Wanna add? Feel free. Wanna disagree? Feel free to be wrong. Like wasting time reading half-baked drivel? Cya next week!


Can't comment on the politics of course but I LIKE the state of "pissed off and depressed". It's what I do, where I'm most comfortable. If anyone ever had a reason for being, that's mine.

Happy 2019 Winston.
The art of lies and betrayal were invented in Kurdistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Turkey, Israel... Iowa.

"Pissed off "- how pissed off?

We were at a gathering last night. While discussing future retirement moves a couple told us that the South was out as she is Jewish, and he is Black. He said, "I know: I'm from there."

Wifey saved it all, though, later in the evening, when she piped in with her one-liner :
"- you drink some everclear, and then pop a quuaalude"
Caused quite the uproar. We'd been reminiscing about the good ole '80s.
...but I LIKE the state of "pissed off and depressed".

"Pissed off "- how pissed off?

I get you guys. I really do. I'm just suffering from "outrage fatigue". I hate that Disney "Frozen" song, but I find myself just wanting to scream along:
I think we can all acknowledge how messed-up stuff is, and agree not to let that stuff run / ruin our lives.
Winston;bt13736 said:
I think we can all acknowledge how messed-up stuff is, and agree not to let that stuff run / ruin our lives.

I threw in the towel long ago.
Just seeing out my time now. It's becoming tedious and quite scary actually.
Imagine if people were so up in arms about what's going on in their own personal lives, and how they could become a better person, instead of getting all worked up over TMZ-- err, I mean CNN talking about Donald.

Sorry, I get our "news" and the tabloids confused all the time.

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