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ICYMI WE 01/05/19

Pretty slow news week. That's usually a good thing for most people, but not all.

This dumb arse government shutdown is about to start really impacting people. Already, the National Parks are trashed because there are no workers to remove the refuse. People are too stupid to realize this, and they don't clean-up after themselves. I can hear Teddy Roosevelt and John Muir screaming from their graves. Also, it looks like folks' tax refunds will be late, since obviously the IRS is not an "essential function" (at least they got that right). TSA agents are staging sick-outs, because working without pay is for chumps. And some government workers are setting up a Go Fund Me account to pay their bills until they get all their back-pay. At which point, I'm sure they'll pay-back all who donated... Right.

Seriously, if you don't have a couple of months worth of income squirreled away, wake the hec-up! Let their pain be your lesson. In the Good old Days, taking charity was a last resort, and accepted with humility. Now, it's just shamelessly gaming the system. Sigh.

Now, the cause for all this commotion is Don and Nancy. There comes a point when one wishes that they would play out the roles of Sid and Nancy.
They could later become pop culture icons, and make Heroin Great Again. One can hope.
But no. They're quibbling over $5 Billion in a multi-trillion dollar budget. Wizzing contest indeed. Nancy's may be bigger. Just sayin'.
Instead of a "wall", let's just call it another stupid, wasteful public works project. Then, everyone in DC will vote for it.

The economy keeps doin' it's own thang, which is to say, flopping like a dead fish. It jumps up, then flops back on the deck. The US economy did add a bunch of jobs this last reporting period. Great for the people now working. As for the rest of us, I'd look for a divining bowl, and dust off your copy of Nostradamus' Quatrains. And / or put a bag over your head. That should give some insight for the direction of the economy.
Yeah, I'm a PermaBear. Sue me.

Overseas, an American businessman was kidnapped by Russian government thugs under the accusation he was a "spy". This farce is flimsier than wet tissue paper. It's obvious that his "detention" was in retaliation for that red-head gun-nut Ruskie chick we charged with espionage. Vlad's been playing this game longer than most of these kids in the State Department have been wiping their own behinds. Gee, I wonder how this will turn out.
A few months from now, on a Friday afternoon news dump, a swap will be announced. No one will notice or care.

Speaking of Short Attention Span Theater, the Saudis have put up a dozen patsies to be tried for the killing of Jamal Khashoggi. Don't bother checking back on this one, either. I'll make the call now. All on trial will be convicted and sentenced. They will spend a few months to a year at the Saudi version of Club Fed. All but one or two will be quietly pardoned (and betcha they are Shias or Ibadis). There's your justice.

Also just in, you can get a great deal on Huawei phones. Some strings attached. But Oi Vey! Such a deal!

The field for the 2020 US elections is taking shape. The main choices are young ideologues with bad ideas and no skills, and old ideologues with bad ideas and just enough knowledge to be dangerous. I'm thinking about a third-party run, to Belize.

I hear they're getting ready to hand out a bunch of gold-plated awards to famous people. Aren't you exited? Me neither.

I should wrap-up now and start my work-out today. It's been pretty much an hour a day, four days a week for a long, long time. And, it's not that hard. It just takes the discipline not to let petty excuses get in the way. Just something for you to think about as you ruminate over your Resolutions. It's not easy to start. Make it harder to quit.

I'll leave you with our Punk salutation from back in the day: Peace, Love and Anarchy.


tinacrabapple;bt13778 said:
And that about sums up this week! I almost bought one of those HUAWEI phones but went with an LG from Amazon.

You do know the alleged reason the Chinese were dumping those phones below cost, right? Supposedly, they were engineered with hidden "back door" access so the Chinese government / military could spy on any user, any time they wanted. Scary stuff.

Oh, these days we live in.
I don't know if Nancy would win a wizzing contest, but she'd win a shitting contest, because she's full of it.

The argument I constantly see from the Democrats regarding the wall is "it's racist", a testament to the intelligence of their die-hard supporters.

Arguments for the wall: public works project. Fulfilling campaign promise (something that presidential candidates have a habit of never doing). Taking hard stance against illegal immigration because it's unfair to all the millions of people who immigrate legally.

Anyway, my friend hasn't been paid for a long time because of this shut-down. He was smart and had a considerable rainy day fund, but still, he's starting to get a little worried now.

For the rest of my life I'll see politics as a circus and rodeo. It'd be a lot more interesting if they dressed up in clown and cowboy outfits. Throw in a half-time trapeze act. Some dude off in the corner spitting fire for no reason while he balances on two beer bottles and juggles dildos.

I'm so sick of it and the two-party, tribal, asinine paradigm, and every moron who is just OBSESSED by it. I just want to shake them by the fucking neck and get them to look behind the curtain.
Winston;bt13779 said:
You do know the alleged reason the Chinese were dumping those phones below cost, right? Supposedly, they were engineered with hidden "back door" access so the Chinese government / military could spy on any user, any time they wanted. Scary stuff.

Oh, these days we live in.

Yeah, scary stuff. This is why I went with the LG.

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