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ICYMI w/e 2/3/19

Pretty busy news week. Again, in no particular order...

Trump has withdrawn the U.S. from the INF (Intermediate Nuclear Forces) Agreement. In case you missed it, the Russian military has been busy developing a whole new series of nuclear weapons, and Putin has been deploying them. Acting as a provocateur, Putin decided to stage quite a few of his new toys in Kaliningrad. This achieved two goals: First, Kaliningrad projects into central Europe, right between Poland and the Baltic States, giving his weapons a rapid deployment and flight time. Second, due to it's proximity to NATO allies, it is a HUGE middle finger to NATO and the US. To do nothing (like the previous administration) would be suicidal cowardice. Trump put Putin on notice. Now, the ball is in Vlad's court. Let's see if he's man enough to walk this back.

The State of The Union address is tomorrow. This is exactly like watching a new Star Wars film. You know what's going to happen. You know it's going to suck. And you watch anyway.

Brexit is going SO well. Theresa May looks like the most hapless English leader since Neville Chamberlin. But at least in 1939, a real leader was waiting in the wings to step forward. Who does Britain have now? A bunch of kooky socialist internationalists?
In a totally unrelated note, there is a plan to evacuate the Queen if the whole Brexit deal turns into general unrest. How do you folks say? Tally Ho!

I'm hoping someone can find the document that proves collusion. It's as obvious as a deflated football. Brady, Bellechek and Beelzebub.
It has to be some kind of Faustian deal. What do you get for your soul? Howsabout eight shiny rings?
And the LA Lambs? THREE points? Gawd. Awful. And the only thing worse than LA was the Halftime show.

Kim and Trump will be meeting again soon. Expect great things to come from the meeting of a couple of world-class leaders.
Seriously, more impactful decisions will be made at your local High School regarding the location of the Prom.

The US and China continue to negotiate trade details. China is feeling the heat, as their productivity actually contracted for the last couple of months. Meanwhile, the US economy is chugging along, kind of on a plateau. But no nation is an island in the World economy. If you haven't already, set aside some food and cash. If you have, double check, and make sure you're ready. This next downturn may not be as bad as 2008... it may be worse.

The Governor of Virginia has both feet in his mouth, and still trying to stand. First, he didn't bat an eye when defending infanticide masquerading as abortion. The Governor is a medical doctor, and has taken the Hippocratic Oath. Wow. Then, his medical school yearbook surfaces with picks of him next to racist images. If this was a Republican, there wouldn't be enough tar and feathers for him. But in fairness, folks in his own party have told him he should step down. Kind of a No Duh moment here.

A plane fell on a suburb of Los Angeles, killing 5. As if those people in La La Land didn't have enough to mourn. But remember kiddos, it's still safer flying than it is to be a black man in Chicago or Baltimore.

Be well. Or at least like Freud admonished, be well adjusted.


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