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I wonder

I wonder

I wonder in a few years' time
that we moved on and forgotten we loved in the past
Eating at a french restaurant a pie, a key lime
Will that pie ever last?

I wonder if we would survive
this economic crisis.
This distant stride
for many people who are bias.

I wonder if we voted for Al Gore
8 years ago
What would it be like before?
Like the time of Babe Ruth and Joe DiMaggio?

I wonder if we could ever learn
from history's starting point
Before we staked Jesus' burn
Millions of years before we could move a joint.

I wonder if we could learn from past mistakes
Seismic graphes, tornadoes
hurricanes and earthquakes
Destroying all the beautiful swamps and meadows.

Would it make a difference if we
couldn't be alive?
Who would study all our remains to be
in several thousand years if we didn’t survive?

I wonder in a few years' time
that humans past along
the hates and jealousies of crime.
Who does this all belong?


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