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I Touched Myself.

I randomly said this to someone today.

PrinzeCharming said:
I am just a glimpse of hope behind the hourglass. Sometimes it's that one grain of sand descending to make a difference. The rest will matter more as they fall.

I touched her. I touched myself. We were touched.

(No, stop giggling! You perverts.)

Here's another:

PrinzeCharming said:
[FONT=&amp]The little boy who built the greatest sandcastles was afraid to build his own home by the shore until he realized how to overcome the fear of waves.[/FONT]


I stopped listening to music while out and about a long time ago because the number of times I listen in on conversations and think man I got to write that down..people just don't realise how profound and poetic they can be,,,cool man
Just don't forget to touch yourself in private (sorry, I had to) :lol: I get you :)

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