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I Refuse To Die - Omg, Die Already!

At that time I decided to spare Mrs. Whoosh, after all she had been my primary caretaker the past couple of decades and besides, she was out grocery shopping and I didn’t feel like waiting on her. I walked out of there and caught a cab to the airport, downtown Phoenix, Arizona.

I bought a one way ticket to Salt Lake City, Utah. When I arrived, I rode south on the four hour bus trip to Milford. Hillbilly guy and Troll woman: also known as Jimmy and Loretta lived in a mobile trailer, at the Keep Out Trailer Park in Milford. Those two and the late Mr. Whoosh had been working for the Banker for almost twenty five years, I knew this because they paid Mr. Whoosh a visit once a month, and for years I over heard them discuss upcoming jobs – which was code for murders.

They always referred to their victims as marks and the ones that got away as strays, to be dealt with at a later time. I was surprised they never got caught. I suspect they were very good at what they did, which should make them even more dangerous. Yet somehow I wasn’t fazed at all, rather I felt a sense of calm, perhaps it was because I was so determined to see this drama to its conclusion.

I reclined my seat and turned to the petite lady sitting next to me. By now she had given up on striking up a conversation, I smiled at her and closed my eyes. Jimmy and Loretta owed me more than an explanation. They owed me their lives and I had come to collect at any cost. I had made some pretty grim discoveries about myself the past ten years.

I now accept the fact that nothing comes as natural to me as the taking of another life. The very concept frightened me initially, but that one evening when I was eleven, walking home from school through the woods, when those boys approached and tried to violate me. I did something that proved to me that this was my gift. I indiscriminately beat all three of them with a heavy stick I had found, and when that broke, I grabbed a boulder and pounded them across their faces like the three stooges with such amazing speed that they never had a chance to get away.

I was running purely on adrenaline, yet I felt calm like I did now. Within minutes, after their screams had ceased, their lifeless bodies laid on the ground next to the path. Bits of molars, incisors, and canines were spread out within several feet of each other. There was even an entire jaw with out the teeth of course. I managed to get home in my blood soaked clothes without anyone noticing. Not once did the cops come knocking on my door.

After that day, there was no turning back and I simply kept on killing, just to sharpen my skills in preparation for this day. I killed just about anyone that pissed me off, heck I even took out the old lady from my paper route who owed me two dollars, by burning down her house with her in it. Yea, I know right? That was unnecessary, but she should have paid up. It didn’t matter to me if it was a dollar or one hundred dollars. It was all the same to me.

Jimmy and Loretta may have put many faces to sleep eternally. They may have committed acts of violence that would put a sociopath on a psychotic rampage to shame, but truth be told, I graduated several years ago. So tonight those two and I are bound by destiny. I will send them to their Maker, because their Maker misses them.

To be continued...


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