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I Refuse To Die..next chapter

They approached me like ravenous beasts with purpose; a scruffy little man in a yellow tee shirt and dirty blue jeans and a burly built woman with a tattoo of a hundred dollar bill on the exposed part of her chest, I think it’s a woman, I can’t be sure. Each carried a crowbar in their right hand, a third person; an unshaven awful looking man was dressed like a banker, in a sharp black suit, clean dress shoes, carrying a matching briefcase. Without as much as a whisper, those two swung their tools in each of my shoulders and begun to drag me away leaving a trail of blood in their wake; I must have been in shock because I didn’t feel a thing.

The banker looked on somewhat amused, he casually followed as they tossed me in the back of an old pickup Chevy and got in the driver’s seat; the two stayed in the back with me. We arrived at the old barn almost an hour later; with the tips of the bloody crowbars still embedded in my shoulders, they dragged me off the truck and into the middle of the barn where they had prepared what looked like the kind of above ground pool you would find at your local k-mart store, except that there was something unsettling about this pool.

First of all, I noticed that the inside of the pool was lined with strange metal and the water appeared to bubble from time to time. A few feet above the pool was a steel chain attached to a grey pulley which lead to a makeshift crane that had a cord with two buttons, a red one and a green one. I was starting to get the picture at this point; those bastards are going to drown me!

With swift proficiency, hillbilly guy and troll woman, bound my legs and hands with a cable of steel chain that was lying on the floor near the pool; I don’t even remember them hoisting me up, but in a moment or so, there I was dangling helplessly upside down from the chain over the dreaded pool, my blood slowly dripping from the tip of my nose to the body of water below.

As I drifted in and out of consciousness, I saw my blood briefly turn to the color yellow, each time it splashed on the surface of water, and then it disappeared. I observed this a couple more times as the thought slowly began to reveal itself to me. I was horrified beyond pain; I didn’t want to believe what I was thinking, yet I knew it to be true. That is not water in that pool, its acid! Probably sulfuric acid, hence the momentary change in blood color on contact.

The banker approached the pool and kneeled down as he opened the briefcase; he took out a handful of documents and slowly began to speak to me. He paused for a moment with a rather intense look on his face and then he posed his question to me. “Do you like chicken or turkey?”
“Excuse me?” I barely whispered, choking on my blood.
“I said do you like chicken or turkey?” he repeated.
“I am not sure what you mean sir” I cried.
He begins to explain “It’s a simple question that deserves a simple answer – chicken or turkey, what is your preference? Chicken; we dip you in and pull you out to die slowly, or turkey; we leave you in to cook, so, for the last time, do you like chicken or turkey?”
“Sir, I don’t know, please, I don’t know” I begged.
“Well, then I will choose for you.” He concluded. He threw the documents he was holding into the pool; as I watched them soak, I heard the hum of the motor inside the crane and the god awful shriek of steel on the pulley as my head inched closer to the surface of what was to be my last memory.

to be continued....


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