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I really should be sleeping...

As 1:00 AM rolls around, I've too much on my mind.

Also, I'm hot. I can't sleep when I'm hot. Damn this heat. WHY DOES HEAT EXIST?

Anyway, as I get cooled down,I thought I'd write about sleep.

I always have a body pillow and at least two quilts, with NO sheets.

Sheets are a stupid idea, says I. They're always a different material, and they slide around separate from any blankets.

I don't have time to fuss over adjusting the sheets all night when they serve no purpose. Begone. No sheets. Soft blanket only.

The body pillows purpose is obvious. Either I face it and squeeze, or have it set against my back.

I need a long pillow since I usually don't sleep straight, and I often wedge it under one shoulder.

I need two quilts at least to hold me down. I can't sleep with only one, or a sheet, because then I feel too free to move, and I'll squirm. I must feel weight upon me, or I can't sleep.

Then, I need a fan for ambient white noise. But it can't be faulty or make any clicks or sounds. Only the air moving. Or else I can't sleep because I hear it and keep waking up.

Also, despite being 19 now, I'm still afraid of the dark. I consume far too much nightmare fuel. Go figure.

Well, there we go. TMI? You're welcome!

Now I'll go to sleep I'm cold now because of the fans... Haha.


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