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I Make You Feel Complete

I Make You Feel Complete
I make you feel complete
Away from a place called Defeat
My love for you is still new
"I love you" will never be few.

As I see in your eyes,
stars twinkle in the skies.
You hold me in your arms
From going into the way of harm.

My heart is for you only
I miss you fondly
I sit here talking to you
What am I to do?

My outstretched hand
does not fan
but wipes your tears away
from any evil day.

You ask me if you lost me
Whatever is to be
I say no but I miss
you and putting on your lips a kiss.

I always dreamed of a gentleman
And yet I found one in this land.
For only in my mind, it isn't luck
to fall in love with Duck.

I make you feel complete
Away from that place of Defeat.
My love for you is still new
"I love you" will never be too few.


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