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I just got old i guess.

Time and inclination, what happened to them? What happened to me? Seems so long ago now. The days when i enjoyed, looked forward to even, my weekend jaunts to Barkton and Stugely. Visiting libraries, discovering celebrating and noting the whereabouts of public toilets that don't charge the princely sum of twenty pee just have, well, a pee. Exploring town centers and streets, places that i've known all my life as if i were seeing them anew, with relish. Seeking out and occasionally finding new and untried chippies.
Now, on any given week, as Saturday morning dawns and lunchtime approaches it takes all the energy that i can muster just to get the shopping done, endure the short bus-ride home and cook enough grub to see the weekend out. Then, finally, after having been on my feet for some twenty four hours and more, i'll eat a good plate of hot dinner. Bust open a bottle of pear and drink until impact occurs and it doesn't take long. :drunk::drunk::drunk: zzzzzzzzzzzz.................

The changing of the seasons for instance, right now the leaves are falling and soon i shall be, many of us ​shall be, walking ankle deep in leaf-litter. It used to mean something. It used to matter but it doesn't and that saddens me. Thoughts feelings and emotions visit and linger but they are fleeting. So soon are they gone that i wonder sometimes "did they really happen? "

And my general appearance, that's another thing. I haven't shaved in months. My hair's a mess. If i blacked my face i wouldn't look out of place rummaging about in a Borneo forest clearing.

I just got old,,, i guess.

Better post this before i delete it.

Life eh?



You live in The Northern Hemisphere. England. Are you really supposed to be chipper in November?
I live near Seattle, Washington State. It's gray here most of the time. Soon, it'll be light about seven hours a day. What passes for recreation here is a power nap after sleeping in.

I get ya. Still, I'm just saying, hang out with some new mates. People with a different perspective. They may be irritating at times, but don't let the grey matter atrophy.
A long hedgerow comprising totally of Holly bushes dripping red berries right now. Wish i could post a pic.


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