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I HATE writers block!!

Ugh... I'm stuck! ](*,) My friends all want results from my 'summer writing'! But I'm sinking in my own inability to write anything!

I swear, I'm an undiagnosed ADHD. I have to write outside or at school so nothing interesting can distract me! And with no school for three months I'm slowing down to a crawl.

Have you ever had a really good idea for your writing and then lost it when it was time to write about it? That's me right now. I can't jot down a skeleton and add the meat later so i do it all at once. But when i sit down to write it I completely loose the thought.:x

I'm not crazy I'm just loosing my mind!


try to just write from the part that you seem really interested in. From there, just keep going, and write an epic begining when it comes to you. I've done that, though it takes a good deal of organizational skill inside your head. I think and think and dream about my stories so many times before anyhting gets typed or written.
another idea is brainstorming. Just sit and write anything that comes to mind, even if nothing comes, write the word nothing, until something comes and then write that....it works I am told. Mostly though I have stories sitting in the back of my mind waiting to come forth...sometimes I am kept awake writing them in my mind...lol

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