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I hate the birds.

Are humans really the only creatures that wake up grumpy? :moody:

Every other animal on the freaking planet hops up and goes along.

These damn birds annoy me.

All I want to do is drink my coffee and listen to music.And they have to wake up so damn happy, chirping at deafening levels as close as possible to the porch. My earphones are noise cancelling, too.... nope, still hear the birds.

Did I mention they can fly? But you knew that.

But because of the size of their brain, they will never have the awareness to realize what a gift they have in comparison to every other living creature.

I would sell my soul and those of my family if I could fly, and the damn birds would never know it. :evil:

However, I use them as an example.

What you might be able to do naturally, other people would give anything to do.

I also wish... that I could weld. Carve and shape sculptures from wood, clay, and stone. I draw but... not as good as some people. I'd give anything to be a great artist. I wish I could program and animate cartoons and video games.

But some people can't even draw a stickman. Some people can't do basic division or multiplication.

Either from actual physical problems, or simply it's not their strong suit.

Strive for greatness. For improvement.

But appreciate what you already have. Many people have much less, or much more.


You have the natural talent as a artist- to get better or even great you got to be willing to bleed for it. Live it love it and it will eventually love you back.

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