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I hate my publisher

I was so excited when I learned that Blue Destiny, the first book of my trilogy, will be published. I was so excited when i talked to them on the phone. They said, "We will edit it as well." So I was like, "That's great". A couple of months later my cover design came in and I absolutely loved it. I am very happy with what they did with it. I was even more happy when I got my copy of the book. I was happy when it was finally available to the industry. I opened it up and began reading. The whole time I was thinking, "How did they get this published so quick?" I found out why. I had been lied to. I saw places where a comma needed to be, two name swaps, and a few other mistakes. I was so angry. They were supposed to edit it. I know it's my fault for not fixing them when I went through it to add and delete things. But somehow I went over them without noticing. That's why publishers edit. They catch the things us writers miss. And now I fear more than anything that people will not read it because of that. Even though my friend read it and loved it, I still feel this way. But I guess the story is still the same. That's my only hope is that people will like the story and plot. Because no matter what, it will always be the same.


Don't be disheartened! The fact that you have something published in the big crowded world of writers is more than noteworthy. And this happens in every book. I don't know how many minor mistakes I have come across in books - identifying the wrong character, grammar like commas and whatnot, misspellings. I've even seen a bunch in Stephen King novels (it only proves that when you write big, it's hard to make it perfect.) And is there ever a perfect? The thing about writing and editing is that the work is never done. I'm sure there's still editing that needs to be done for Mark Twain and Tom Clancy. Editors and publishers aren't perfect either. So, don't worry! Congratulations!

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