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I feel like staring a movement

Hello guys, yes this is my first blog post, I am thinking of starting a movement, particularly a poetic one. Also I've never done anything like this before, I want to say thanks for reading and commenting on my work. I want to be the greatest poet of the 21st century and I hope one day reach that goal getting Nobel Prizes, Pulitzer's, Etc. But mostly to be Poet Laureate one day.

Have a good day everyone.


Wow, now that is an extrodinary goal CA and I wish you all the success in gaining what you wish. I enjoy reading your poems.

Good luck.
I think you already have started a movement, CA. :) You write bold poetry. :)

I'm highly competitive in nature and I always have to remind myself that there are other more important reasons why I write.

Keep honing your craft, and stay true to yourself.

Thanks you guys! I really appreciate the words! I have never quite been able to write real work like I have been struggling to write great verse since 2015 and now I feel like I have a lot more passion that what I used to have since then. Really I hope you guys continue to support me and my work! I may even think about starting a YouTube Channel for my work but I heard that not a lot of authors or poets use that much social media to begin with.
Not since the beatniks has poetry changed so much from what went before or after an I reckon as an art form poetry is the least dynamic or diverse of creative endeavors...as a live thing it's not to interesting and I have sat through some for an hour or so..this is a UK perspective on my part but if being the new movement your goal to enhance the very few movements that has ever been than I will quote Nelson Mandela..it's always impossible until its done....or John Cooper Clark...no one ever thought I need to make some money so I'll write a book of poetry..

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