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I fail to care. [Some language]

This is a rant, so, yeah. Haha.

Manager has been fussing about revenue on no shows.

I work for a hotel BTW. If someone fails to actually check in, we have a cancellation policy. We keep the total of the first night's stay.Since I'm night audit, I roll the dates for all the computer systems.Everything posts at night, so if there's no shows, we gotta guarantee that money as per policy.

But the person that trained me, didn't even know. So I'm getting railed for something I wasn't even trained about.And reservations and the front desk are supposed to get the payment information.Half of these people don't have payment on file. Not my fault. So why do I get the heat for hanging balances on the next day?

I need to roll the freaking dates, do my job, and make sure I leave at 6:00 am to get some sleep.And she wants me to do a thousand other things.It's not my job to do all the crap that the day shift doesn't want to do. I'm being paid to be nocturnal, since no one else wants to. Doing all this shit? I don't care. That doesn't mean I won't try. If I learn what to do, and how to handle it, fine. Move on. I still don't like it, but at least then I won't hear about it.

Now, second thing.

Since, as stated previously, I moved into a loft in a house my family is trying to sell.

So, while I have no furniture, no drawers, no closet, or any other storage space... they somehow want me to keep the place spotless. 24/7 With my fucking work schedule? I'm still twice as clean as the average moron living in southern Georgia. The hell is the problem? Why not just tell the realtor, 'Hey, someone's living in there. He's clean, but his stuff is gonna be there.'And I gotta still hear shit about it.

So, I just have two monkeys on my back that I can't shrug off. Fuck'em.

Ok, I'm done. Hahaha.

I try to avoid cursing, but...aahg. Ok, I feel better now.


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