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I don't want your germs!

I can't/don't want to rant or moan at my friend so I am going to tether my goat here.

My friend has been ill with a stomach bug for nearly two weeks. However, instead of staying at home she continues to socialise thereby sharing her germs. It's a nasty bug. Although the sickness and diarrhoea have since passed, she is left with stomach cramps and a general feeling of malaise.

You may well ask why am I so neurotic towards germy people?

My husband takes medication which drastically reduces his resistance to bugs and infections. I was also extremely ill for several weeks after Christmas with a nasty flu virus, which I passed on to Mr. PiP. As a consequence, we cancelled all social engagements, including a rather smart and extremely expensive New Year's Eve celebration, locked the gates and put ourselves in quarantine so we did not pass it on to anyone else.

Am I being unreasonable to expect others do the same? You can be completely honest and tell me I am being an unreasonable whimp...

That particular bug was passed to us courtesy of Christmas kisses and hugs at a beach party. Yes, a lady informed us: I have been really ill with a virus - I should really be home in bed. She then proceeded to cough, sniff and splutter in our direction then gave us a hearty hug.

So back to my latest germy encounter. As I sit here typing this blog post I feel sick. My stomach and plumbing are also gurgling ominously and I feel generally unwell.

Fingers crosssssssed it's just an overactive imagination...


Oh dear, I feel for you, Carole. I don't even know how your friend goes about with such an illness. If it were me, I would not leave the house! Having said that, the most acute part of the contagion is the first few days and even before it starts in a person. So if you were in her company in the earlier part of her virus, you were already at risk.
Hope you feel better soon!
I wish you a quick and speedy recovery to both you and your family, and that that they improve in health and feel better. I can sympathize with the situation. Be wary and wash your hands if you think that helps to prevent the germs from spreading (if it spreads orally by mouth and so on). Having read some tips on how some diseases spread can be useful I think just my opinion. But hopefully, the situations will improve with some precautions taken you all will recover. Be positive and optimistic.
Hopefully, it's just your overactive imagination gland, Pip.
It does sound to me as if she is past the part where she can infect others, but if your husband's immune system is compromised, better not to take chances.
Best wishes.
You would think that this person would be more sensitive- as your friend and knowing your husband's situation. I had a friend that would always bring her sick kids over. After it happened a few times, I spoke to her about it. She said that kids get sick anywhere and she didn't see it as a problem. Well, it wasn't going to become my problem either, so I started asking her if the kids were sick before they came over. I think I insulted her one to many times, but kept her sick kids out of the house. We aren't really friends anymore. At the time, I had a baby. She had no regard or just really didn't care. I use a lot of Lysol as well, but that doesn't help when sick people greet you. I can completely understand your frustration and sympathize. Hope you feel better!
Pip, it is possible this is not a flu, since she was ill for extended time, but a bacterial, intestinal infection called C. diff. Highly contagious. Often contracted in hospitals, assisted living, nursing homes, or by those on antibiotics. Hospitals will quantine those with it. Spreads easily. Standard treatment is an antibiotic. But, if severe, they are now doing Fecal Transplantation. Sounds icky, but works. They take bacteria from a healthy person's colon and transplant it into the patient's colon. C. diff is nothing to fool around with, as can have fatal consequences for those with compromised immune systems, or over age 65. My daughter's immune system is highly compromised as she must be on immune suppressant drugs due to lupus, so I speak up when a knowingly sick person doesn't stay home. Pisses me off, and they hear it loudly. But, most just say nothing.
I hope you feel better soon. :) I hate it when ill people still come out. I work in a child's soft play area where I do facepainting and generally have to interact with small children or miny germlings as I end up calling them in my head and I always think to myself when parents bring ill children to us so that they can play while the parents sit on their phones, your child should not be in here.

However unless said child vomits I have to let them play I feel so bad for all the other children but I get their bugs too and that means time off work for me that I can not afford. So I am in complete agreement that poorly people should remain at home unless they can not avoid going out i.e. For work.

I'm glad I'm not the only one. :)
Wow, you're friends must be real troopers because when I got this not more than two months ago, I felt so bad I basically stayed in my room until it wore off. Especially with the runs o_O

But then again, that persons situation might make it hard for them to miss work...I guess. I'm trying to think of good reasons. I can't see how anyone wants to walk out of their house with that going on if they don't have to.
Oh my, and now we find ourselves in 2020. I hope she at least took this more seriously.
Interesting this blog post should surface today. Nope, she hasn't changed. She says she is terrified of COVID because she has COPD, but she went out and got so drunk with some friends yesterday, despite the fact she had invited us round her house for a socially distanced drink, she could barely string a cohesive sentence together and she kept wanting to touch me. :(

Now more, than ever, we need to choose our friends carefully.

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