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I don't care...

I don’t care, I don’t care…

They have all these headlines about this celebrity, that one—I don’t care.
She’s watching some B’s/ Witches of Beverly Hills spin-off and all I can think is who are these people, and why does anyone care?! I watch for less than five minutes and then am reminded that I would never have any of these people in my real life— no thank you. I go on the computer, or I leave the room; same difference.


Don't be so hard on it, lol. Life needs a little nonsense to it and you probably have your own nonsensical things you devote time and energy to as well. I, personally, spend a little too much time digging through manga's and working on a fictional world. See the humor in it if you can't see the sense. There's always sense to it, though, if you look more closely :)
I honestly feel the same way. The young celebrities have always been followed throughout their careers. It's amazing how my fart isn't worth writing about simply for the status of my rank in society. However, if Taylor Swift passed a few blows from her derriere, do we just write an article about, "Shaking Off the Flatulence" or laugh it off in the media?

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