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I don't care what you say anymore, this is my life ...

So today I worked on my project. I discovered that I don't know enough about the STL to use vectors effectively and so my programming is on hold till Tuesday ... class is optional, but it's where you go when you're stuck. Of course, this took multiple hours -- realizations take a fraction of a second, but the buildup is always long and laborious. And if you don't know what I'm talking about you are so not alone.

So, not working on the programming project, I started my song charting. This is for arrangement/composition. I'm to pick 2-3 songs and chart them. Create a timeline and use different colors or styles or what-have-you to denote the different things that are happening in the song. My first song is Al Stewart's "Roads to Moscow" and it's over eight minutes long. I spent about 2 hours graphing the different parts--the melody, the balalaika, the orchestral strings, the bass, the harmony, etc. I can see patterns and there are things I noticed today that I didn't notice before. While the Russians are losing, the balalaika is playing, but when the Russians are winning, it's orchestral strings instead. And the bass doesn't play throughout. And, well, stuff that works graphically, but is tough to do verbally.

Dinner was a stove/slow-cooker hybrid chili with cornbread. I also made two freezer meals of pasta sauce for some other day. And sorted laundry. And I'll do other normal-human things, too, before bed.

Why the blog? So I can point people here and say, "This." It's easier than repeating myself in e-mail and PM and in The Living Room.


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