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I didn't vote.

Something most people find shocking for whatever reason. They react as if I just admitted to being a Nazi. Since everyone's talking about it, why not? Here's my short ass stand on it. I agree with many others that a two party system is bullshit. Why must it always come down to two?When was the last time there was a third party president? Oh no, god forbid that ever happen!

Normally, that doesn't seem to be a problem. However, the two main candidates this year are equally disgusting human beings.

I don't care about the specifics. You can nitpick all you want, but the fact that these two were best we could come up with... that's sad.

One is stupid rich, lives like Scrooge Mc'Duck while claiming to be humble, and has absolutely no political experience. Apparently that's not a requirement, you just need campaign money.

The other might have had more qualifications, but struggles with honesty and ethics in even simple matters.

And somehow they were the best two. Really? Because yes, we wouldn't dare have a third party president.

So I would've voted for someone else, but because of the masses of other idiots living in this damned country, I knew it wouldn't make a difference.

Not that it matters. The president isn't much more than a figurehead, and I suppose the one we got perfectly portrays our current pathetic, laughable state of affairs.


Completely agree. I didn't vote either, by the way.

If I might add something briefly, it would be that I'm as tired of two-party politics as I am tired of rich monarchy.

I find it difficult to believe anybody could be convinced that our democracy is all-so pure and perfect, when its run by wealthy - and therefore influential - families, more than it is by individuals.

The only good thing that came out of this election is that America chose the option that wasn't pre-ordained. These "options" are more like suggestions given by those already in power, to which one must ask what their motives for doing so are (and I think that's fairly clear).

Unless Trump was pre-ordained, in which case our overlords aren't two moves ahead in the chess game, but half a dozen. Wouldn't that be a popcorn-worthy doozy!
About three months ago I decided to quit watching news and stay on the sports channel. Even they had politics!

Crap. I agree this country has major problems, but the rest of the world isn't any better - and I've said this before, I'm not sure the human race isn't bound and determined on self-destruction (yeah, I'm a pessimist).

Violence breeds violence, hate breeds hate, if we don't learn how to get along things never will get and better.
It does seem like often we're offered two choices which are just variations of the same answer...

I was sort of for Trump (against Hillary; for him in that the established Rep. Party was so against him) but I couldn't watch him, cringed at every tape or sound bite. So I didn't watch the news for about three months at least, still don't. I do read stuff on my various feeds, but it is so dominated by one side with idiotic comparisons, unfounded conclusions that I skip most of iit other than a quick glance at headline
There are other elections going on at the same time. There are other positions that are just as important as the president being filled. In fact the people running for congress have more of a direct impact on your day to day life then the president does. This congress also gets to regulate the president you vote , or more importantly, didn't vote for.

These are the people that you elect to represent you internally. They are the people you turn to when the president is doing the things you don't like. You can contact these people, petition these people to act on your behalf.

This is even more important when you are faced with 2 presidential candidates you don't like. To throw your hands up and say I don't like them, there's nothing I can do so I won't vote, is just wrong and irresponsible.
Grub-r;bt8026 said:
This is even more important when you are faced with 2 presidential candidates you don't like. To throw your hands up and say I don't like them, there's nothing I can do so I won't vote, is just wrong and irresponsible.

Think what you will. I don't even plan on living in America as soon as I can help it, so I wouldn't even be here.
Geddy Lee from Rush, the song "Free Will":

"If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice."
Yep, irresponsible and a cop out. There has never been a clear choice that satisfies anyone. I'm 72 and have lived long enough to know this. No choice is allowing others to choose for you. Shamefully bad example if you've children. I told mine decades ago that in all things: Never make a decision by not making one.
I don't find it shocking--I find it deplorable and inexcusable. People died so that you would be able to have a voice in your governance. And you don't give a flying buttress. I'm not some flag-wrapped nationalist--don't get me wrong. But dayum, even if you vote exactly opposite me, I could at least respect that.
Crow, I'm not going to beat you up for not voting; you certainly have that right.

But there is nothing set in stone that says you have to vote for one of the two major candidates. True, chances are the third party candidate won't get elected, but at least you can say that your your voice was heard in some small way. And, yes, the down ticket ballots are every bit as important as the President, something people seem to forget when the midterms roll around. States are voting for Governors (and the state you live in will affect your life much more than the wise heads in Washington DC) and you may even have a referendum or two to vote on.

So it's your decision whether or not to vote but not voting will leave you with a feeling of having no control in the political sense.

And as far as leaving the US, you can, but I'm pretty sure it sucks everywhere else too.
About down-ticket races ...

In my county, our district attorney jailed a rape victim (you may have seen this on the news). She was voted out because people went to the polls.

It does​ matter.
I just put my big SAFETY PIN on my sweater and another on my coat. Those Americans who did not vote for Trump are wearing them to symbolize that those targeted for discrimination and bigotry are SAFE FROM US. All in my family will wear them for as long as it takes. We showed up at the polls. We are not responsible for what is going to happen when the ultra conservative right wing now appoint life-time judges (one seat now; and Ginsberg's who is in her 80s with cancer...soon to go) to the Supreme Court who will deny rights for decades and decades to everyone who doesn't meet their personal criteria of who is acceptable. Those who didn't vote let others make choices for them. They probably have an impossible time choosing between chocolate or vanilla.
Blather on, all. C- you have the right here to not be lectured at. The last line... Jeezus... bit of an overstatement. You know I don't talk to a friend of mine because he called me on the phone, frothing. Know your boundaries people. You're violating space here. Respect, hmmm?! Show some or zip it.
I am PROUD of the fact that I did NOT vote...I have the right to NOT be a Part of the pathetic atrocity... what a F&^$^%# circus.... The good old USA is disgraced... does that mean I am being passive and am doing NOTHING????? NO it does not.
That is correct, you have a right to choose not to exercise your responsibility to vote.
Well, what I DO have is the CHOICE to decide FOR MYSELF, how I want to support my Government ... and WHEN to do that... I am not stupid or unintelligent, I know the stakes here.. I come from a looooooooooong line of activists .... ;)
The majority of Americans do not believe in the bigotry that Trump & his followers do. It is obvious that The Silent Majority stayed silent. All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men & women to do nothing. And...they did. No applause from me. I AM the long line of activists...not FROM them. And, I'll hold on that line. To be an activist is to act.
That is where you are mistaken... I never said that I stayed silent....
I will protect your right to vote, and will always treat other opinions with R.ES.P.E.C.T.
Do the same for me, if you disagree with me, I am soooo cool with that, BUT do not disrespect my opinion, or act like a Bully... ;) Peace.... seriously...
There's only one reason Trump won and it wasn't because of apathy. People want to have something to vote for, not someone to vote for because they like the other guy less. Obama had the capacity to inspire and so did Sanders. Biden and Warren would have done the same thing and had either they or Sanders been nominated or Obama had been allowed to run for a third term, they would have left Trump in the dust. People would have had a reason to vote. You get a lot more votes with hope but without hope, fear always wins.

So don't be too hard on people who didn't exercise their right to vote. Instead, give them something to vote for instead of something to vote against.
I disliked both of the candidates, it was difficult decision for me. if Hillary's emails had not been leaked, wonder if the result would have been the same.

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