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I blog, therefore I... want ham...

Don't feel obliged to read these, but I'm trying to write a little something every day even when I'm taking a break from my projects. Like with stuttering, even if you are never able to completely overcome it, practicing speech can help significantly.

I will probably always stutter a little, and writing has always been my preferred method of self expression, but the more you do anything- especially something you enjoy and are decent at- you only get better at it.

For me, the writing process is a circle of inspiration (getting excited), brainstorming (furious typing), editing (loosing all confidence), and wandering off to rot my brain on tele and video games.

I have lot of good ideas. New takes on common themes, and some combinations I haven't seen done before anywhere.

A great deal of my work starts out as fanfiction and/or parody. But my plans tend to snowball... rarely do my characters (or my interpretations of published characters) consent to stay within their predefined roles. If ever you wanna play the guessing game as to what started as what feel free- I find it hilarious trying to track my processes myself.

But then I look at what gets published, and my work is neither brilliant nor formula and I dispair of, not just being unable to get published, but of anyone having any interest in my work.

Yea, I know I always tell other people that there will be one person out there who will love it absolutely, and just that is worth it, but sometimes, on bad days, it takes repetition before it begings to ring true again.

But then, with a good step back and some time, when I come back to review what I've got and I usually like it well enough I get interested in doing more with it.

Don't give up!

Even if you think you're a poor writer- heck, even if you are a poor writer- you can only get better if you keep at it. In both senses that statement can be made/taken whatever.

Hey, if it's a blog, but it's done on a phone, does that make it a phlog?



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