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Husky Band Day

Yesterday I chaperoned my son's band to the University of Washington. The University was hosting what they called "Husky Band Day", where they invite dozens of Puget Sound area high school bands to play with their college band. It was fun, but exhausting. We, by far, had the largest band with 140 students. Luckily, the kids self-manage well and they need minimum supervision.
The total amount of musicians on the field was over 3,000. I could lie and say how well they played, but it was an experience and they learned a lot. I honestly have a hard time hearing my son's trumpet even within his band alone. Their Band Director and staff are excellent, though, and the kids are very good.
We got to see the Huskys rout the Idaho Vandals. I'm not a fan of college sports, but it was entertaining. A bit too cult-like in it's fervor, like soccer.
And, for you old folks like me, FYI: School buses still suck.


I almost went to the University of Washington and was going to play sousaphone in their band...what a coincidence that would have been. Glad that you and (I hope) your son enjoyed yourselves, great to see that they do this at colleges other than my own. Every band could always use more trumpets, hope he keeps playing! :)

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