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Hurry up!

Waiting distracts me.

A few weeks ago, I sent my first ever short story submission to Clarkesworld, and it was rejected after two days. - Smashing, awesome... I can live with that. - The story was almost 7,000 words, and I'd realised they prefer a few less... A lot less.

So three weeks ago I decided to send it to Daily Science Fiction. - The Grinder suggests they've been rejecting in 9-10 days. - In my acknowledgement from them, they suggested it could take up to three weeks to respond.

It's three weeks today, and nothing!

I assume it is dead, but I am not prepared to simultaneously submit, so I guess I pull it in a day or two.


Ah, now I've familiarised myself with the grinder, I can see they've slowed up in their responses... Mine is due today or tomorrow! :p
Hey Gavrushka, Duotrope has DSF with a 20-day average response time for rejections and 36-day average for acceptance. Which means sometimes it's faster but sometimes slower, just depends which reader got assigned. The waiting game sucks but it's good to be patient. Good luck!
Thanks to both of you. - It's new territory for me, and I am sure I will adjust in time. It's a far longer entry than their stated preference, and I guess length will have an impact on response time too.
Hey, Gav.

I've submitted to both of those markets and DSF does take a while to get back to you. Around 3 weeks average for me each time.

My recommendation is to submit to other markets in the meantime (either with the same story, or other stories). Become a submitting machine! :D

I submit each story to around ten publications simultaneously, then start working on my next story while I wait for the responses to come in.

If you're submitting to CW and DSF, you might also want to look into "Beneath Ceaseless Skies", "Strange Horizons", and "Escape Pod." Just a few off the top of my head that I remember publish sci-fi/fantasy as well. :encouragement:
I received my rejection this morning. - I can deal with the issues I know were in my prose, and then try again. - I think I'll keep submissions sequential, rather than in parallel. - IF I thought my prose had evolved about as far as it could, I'd consider simultaneous submissions. - At the minute it is submission, rejection and then learning; I love the learning bit! :)

Thanks for the encouragement!
As someone who has sold a story to Daily Science Fiction ("Butterfly Shaped Objects", December 2011) and who has received personalized rejections from them for his other attempts, it's very nearly a waste of time to send anything over 1,000 words to them unless you have a 'name' and will basically bring your own fan-base.

Clarkesworld is one of the highest paying, most prestigious markets for contemporary speculative fiction. They have their pick of both the legends and the hottest newer writers currently working. Now, I am NOT trying to discourage you -- by all means, aim for the top! But always temper your expectations. And, even more importantly, know your markets by reading them regularly. For example, regarding those Kyle mentioned: Beneath Ceaseless Skies is almost entirely dedicated to secondary world fiction. Strange Horizons has a preference for near term SF and contemporary fantasy with a socio-political bent. Escape Pod adapts the stories they buy into audio format, so they're going to lean towards those that will appeal to the ear when read aloud.

Best of luck! :)

Oh, it's okay - I'm never discouraged by advice. - I'd be either foolhardy or deluded to reject it!

I'll throw my words at the suggested markets, and perhaps write a few more pieces too. - Escape Pod may be a better bet for such as me, so thank you for the heads up! :)

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