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I am surprised more people don't blog. - It feels a little like self-analysis, and that must surely be wholesome?

This last few days, I've received some of the most helpful critiques from other members on this site. - The difference is that their suggestions make sense, and are within my ability to address and correct. - A couple of days ago, I'd felt a little despondent (just a little), but criticism is a supporting hand for a traveller stumbling on a rocky road.

So thank you.


I sense a bit of struggle in your perception of your own writing? I could be wrong, but you seem a bit hard on yourself sometimes, Gav! If you ever need a critique that will be honest and constructive, PM me, and I'll also try and read what you post in the proper forum places.

I know how uplifting a critique can be, even when it's mostly things you need to work on. Somehow, other people telling you what you can do better can really motivate you, give you the sense that both you and them know that it's something worth working on. And it is!

Keep it up!

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