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How's this for an idea for my blog?

Specifically, I would take a terrible book that I read and critique it chapter by chapter, discussing the strengths and weaknesses as I find them, etc. The first book for this blog I was thinking of critiquing is What Once was Lost by Kim Vogel Sawyer.

So what do you think?? Interested in reading my interpretation of this book?


Ummm, initially, this feels like a bad idea
1) Think of how this person will feel if he/she finds out. Maybe better to just say "it's horrible"< and move on.
2) If you had some angle, like a point by point of why it failed as opposed to just harping on it's lameness, it would be better.
3) maybe make it funny?
Otherwise, how would you like someone doing that with your work?
Also just because you didn't like the book doesn't mean that others don't or won't like it, I agree with 1Zaslowcrane1, just say you did not like said book as I think (IMOO) that it is unfair to potentially putting others off something because you yourself hates it. Hope this helps Green Shield.

H :)
As long as your critiques are constructive (not typical reviews like "this sucked", or made to intentionally hurt the author) and thorough, I'd say give it a go. Hell, if I were published, I'd offer you my book myself ;)
Well, I would critique it chapter by chapter pointing out what she did well and what she did poorly. I'm not gonna pull an Angry Videogame Nerd​ and rant about how it sucked so hard.
I have an idea.
I have a lot of stories and I'm looking for an agent.
Why don't I send you some of my stories and you give me your honest opinion?
Your critique might help me hone my skills and actually get an agent and maybe make some sales.
A writer who writes and doesn't try to sell his/her work may want to rethink the process. If you don't share what you've created, it'd be more effecient to just masturbate...Probably feel better too.:icon_compress:

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