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[FONT=.SF UI Display][FONT=.SFUIDisplay-Semibold]If I had a rock to throw at those 2am howling dogs that terrorize my eardrums, their grinding curvature tail pipes spewing, cutting through my double panes, my head, into my pillow. If I had a rock...[/FONT]

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Too many people today are rude, selfish and don't give a crap about anyone. Or anything

I would NEVER let my dog bark incessantly, especially at night. We have neighbors (small business owner and police officer) that leave their dogs out almost all day The dogs are lonely, emotionally neglected. They've caused heavy damage to our fence, trying to play with our dog. I never hear them yell for their dogs to stop. Probably because they're not even home.

I've confronted them, and they flat-out lie and say "Oh, they're only out for an hour or two..." Our only option is to spy on our neighbor, and keep a log for when we report them. Honestly, how has it come to this?
Yep. And, now it seems common place for one neighbor to gun down another over a dog.
My poor poetry... I was hoping for a comparison/ likening to a dog but not a dog- it's these guys with their noisey tailpipes roaring through and waking me up. Cars...
On a personal note I would never take it to an illegal level. And If it were a dog it's certainly not the dog's fault.

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