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Thanks. When I try to upload picture from the photos on my laptop, it says file too large. Then I can’t proceed. I assume my images are stored as “jpeg”s . Think I’ve seen that term attached to each image file. Maybe I’m wrong, and they have to be converted. As you can tell , I’m tech challenged! Will eventually figure out what the problem is.
In the meantime, I’ll pursue my calling to make poems work as spiritual and emotional processing aids. Discussions about how the poems helped me and others process life struggles, etc. Possibly invite non-poets to “adopt” a poem that speaks to them about an emotional issue. Link poetry to the art of living. Take it off of the art gallery wall. This would integrate my therapist experience and my poet experience. Hopefully, in a way that might help others heal and grow.
Probably can get something of that nature going without a blog.
Could it become a project that draws others into the community you established here? Assuming you even want that. Perhaps something therapeutic might attract too many people not really interested in writing? Draw the wrong crowd? Or would it expand appreciation of writing, to folks not previously interested, but now attracted to user-friendly aspects of writing, a more “accessible” form of “writing”?

Thanks again,

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