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How to Change the World

If we are all energy and energy flows
and surrounds us
the Earth then is energy also as is
everything on her, in her and around
her...every form, ever seen, everyday
Earth now needs positive reinforcement
more than ever
Love, to feed her amongst the greedy
opportunists that exploit her
What can be done to heal her?
The power of one
The power of intent
What kind of energy?
How much energy must be projected?

Healing energy
Love energy
Strength energy
Growth energy
Nature’s beauty
Joyous moments....all blending
If you believe in God
If you know God
If you trust God
If you’re afraid of God
or if you want to believe...or not
Just ask...
God will help

Combining and collaborating energies
a blending of us and God
creating with intent and purpose/focus
God knows how much and where
placement lies

Beautiful things given to us by God
wildflowers, horses, clouds and sky,
children laughing, old men playing
baci ball... reflected back to God
translated and transmitted to specific
people, places or as needed

This is one way a person can help
change the world

The beauty I see
to God for the world


What a lovely expression of a beautiful truth - positive thoughts produce positive energy and positive energy nurtures a healthy world. I love it. :)
Thanks HB & jen,
That was one of my earlier poems from last
summer. It was an ‘ah-ha!’ moment.

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