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Hospital hubbub;



Well, i was going to call this " crunch day". An appointment with a consultant to assess the damage day. But crunch-day was last week. Today was all about putting Humpty back together again and how.

My appointment time was 10.20. am, i got there at 9.40., because i'm like that. And already the waiting room, which is shared with A&E customers, was heaving. A digital display-screen gave out the message, "waiting time between 2 and 3 hours", but that was for A&E, i had an appointment at the fractures clinic.

Then a representative from the frac-clin came and made an announcement that they also were running late. One and a quarter hours late, to be precise but then how precise can a department so unpredictable by the minute, be? but at least i was there and checked in. Ho'hum.

Nurses were calling out names from three and four different directions, it was standing room only but the congestion did ease eventually. Some of the conversations that i over-heard were diabolical.
" I hate this place. 2 to 3 hours? Can't believe a word they say."
Another one said "I can't wait much longer, i have another appointment." Well how unwell was she?

The speaker for the frac clin had said that they had 65 patients booked in for the day. Asked for people not to get disgruntled if people who'd arrived before them seemed to be being seen before them as there people waiting with appointments at different clinics. They were... doing their best. Look! I so wanted to scream at the hot sweaty mass, fucking give them a break eh? It really was non-stop. Okay, there was a queue, but at least they were in it, and they WOULD receive whatever treatment that their situation demanded. It was just going to take a while.

I sat quietly melting under my hi-viz work coat. Damn the weather man. He said rain possible/showers. The nob-head.

Then, when you think you've seen, and heard, it all, the lone wolf appeared. You don't want to know. Really, you don't. You do? Well okay then. I'd been on one of my many visits to the loo and was just leaving when a chap came hobbling down the walkway, one foot complete coated with plaster from just above the ankle. A six footer and more,slim, hair cut really short, walking tall, swinging those hips, shoulders back, i mean he was bad. He wore denims, what else? a sleeveless light grey hoodie and on his back was the printed face of a wolf, and words, in silver, "LONE WOLF". Where do they find these people? He was fifty-five years old if he was day.

My name got called.
"Hello,how's the arm feeling?"
He took a hold of my left hand for no more than a second. A kind of symbolic handshake. I appreciated that. Such courtesy from such a person. It matters.
In spite of all the headless-chickenry that seemed to be going on all around him he was the epitome of calm. Might have been out taking a stroll and just dropped by to look in, see how things were doing.
"No complaints really, it only hurts when i move."
"Well, i've seen the X-Rays and you've broken your arm just above the elbow. Now, these types of injuries can be tricky often requiring plates and screws."
"But everything seems to be in place, and with a fair crack..."
Yes he actually said that. He didn't seem the humorous type. "Humorous", sorry, couldn't resist it.
"We're going to put a new cast on, send you down to X-Ray, take another look and you should be on you way home."
I thanked him, took some papers from him and went to get plastered.

There were three small treatment areas in the plaster-room and, dread of dreads, a small boy with, presumably, his mother.
A nurse walked in dragging a canister of gas and air, at least that's what i think it turned to be.
"The Doctor will be in to do it in a minute."
Do what? for chris' sakes i wondered, trying not to look.
The Doctor stood over the boy and as he began to cry a nurse offered a mask that was on a tube joined to canister.
"Take some of this" she coaxed.
"Breathe!". Yelled his mother.
Kids, why does shit have to happen to kids?
And why me? Why now? And why couldn't they have had some privacy?
But it was soon over. Tears soon turned smiles. He had a bottle of orange pop and he got to choose the colour of his plaster-cast.

Meanwhile, i was being attended to by a really nice gentle woman and we chatted as she worked. First removing my old cast and cleaning my arm up. Those wet antiseptic wipes felt so cool and refreshing.

" So how'd you do it".
"My own fault. Doing things in a hurry, i'm always in a hurry. Rush rush, busy bust. Maybe i'll slow down a bit now."
"No you won't, you're like me.. Gotta get everything done."
I liked that.
"What colour plaster would you like? We have Pink, Blue, and plain."
" Just plaster." I said and she did. The chat continued, she kept smiling, and i couldn't thank her enough.

They really are wonderful people.

Within minutes i was being X-Rayed.
I got all-clear and left.

And so;

To all the hecklers out there i would say, " you're nothing but a bunch of ingrates."
Lone wolf, errrmmm yeah. Grrr.
And i DO hope that kid's okay.


Because of something that happened there, and only because my mind is idle right now, hell it could be an opening for a romantic novel. I'm tempted to colour this thing with the ponderings of a silly old fool but then it wouldn't be a blog, and i might be giving too much of myself. If only i'd dared. It always occurs to me after the event.


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