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Hosh hang it. (language)

Crash! Bang!

What the hell is she doing up there? Ah, yes… changing out the hangers. “NO… MORE…WOODEN…(huff-huff) Haaaa-ngerZZZ!!!”

What? Am I supposed to feel guilty? That I’m not up there helping her!? Ha! Too bad. The closet’s too skinny. I wouldn’t fit. Guilt avoided. Effort avoided. She bought the wood hangers in the first place. She insisted. Now they’re too fat/take up too much space. Plastic it is... not those cheap smooth jobbers, but fuzzy , velvety... plastic (?)

OKAY. Change them out. See if I care?

No… what I feel bad about is I blew my ride. I was about 30 minutes of there on my mountain bike ride when I decided to take a picture of the red/orange hue the rising sun was giving the cliffs. I went to grab my phone out of the zipper-bag on my goose-neck and the-god-damned-phone-wasn’t in there because the-god-damned-zipper-bag was unzipped!! (huff, huff) SHEEE-IT!!! *Sigh * *Sniff * shit.

So, I got back on the cock-a-doody bicycle and rode all the way back to my cock-a-doody house… carefully as I could looking along the trail as I went, which is all bushes and weeds, hoping I’d find it—not smashed—hoping I didn’t find it; that I’d actually forgotten to put it in the bag in the first place.

I never found it. I rode all the way home, having to cut/shorten my ride nearly in two; ruined; and there it was… still hooked to the charger. So no, I don’t feel guilty; I feel fucking stupid, but what am I supposed to do… learn how to have a better memory? Write a check-list? Ridiculous.

Gimme that fuckin’ hanger…

Yeah... this morning when I was putting all my stuff on outside there was a cat over there on the wall by the tree. I was like hey, kitty-kitty… The coyotes were howling and it was just sort of looking at me.

What color? Well, it was dark out still, but I’m pretty sure it was raccoon-color. I went to the faucet to change out the water in my camelback and it slowly climbed up the tree. I think when it heard the water running it came back down, but no, it didn’t come over to me… Sort of waddled off toward the neighbor’s.

There’s all sorts of wild critters out in the night.


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