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Homeless woman talking on the train...

My brother has moved in with his mother in law and I've moved into the flat above the family business...my mother has gone to her place in Milan were I studied at the art school...you think they would have more than three cars on the train with the open golf on..getting home at six is exhausting and being homeless while we all rent our places out just adds to the stress of it all.....


Seems like there is a real story here you are not sharing, all sorts of interesting tid bits but not held together with any glue.... I would like to hear more of the story.
Just two woman talking on the train..both trying to out do each other or bonding over their lifestyles...one an interior designer and the other I can't remember but I was totally absorbed in there conversation....
I am not sure why it is ingrain in my memory....but and your post brought it back.

I was doing a construction job in Connecticut, just out side of Hartford in the early 90s. We were doing a addition to a nursing home and each day one old lady stood on the side walk, and screamed and yelled at us all day long. She was obviously really pissed at something from the past. Maybe in her late sixties, unkempt, on the skinny side like maybe she does not eat right. She shook her fist, in her deep voice and in words that made no sense she yelled at us all day long.

I wondered what went through her mind, what past experience was she reliving.... I can still picture her, fist clenched hint of a mustache, short cropped gray hair and wearing polyester loose fitting pants with a wild blouse which was covered with stains. In a fighters stance...she wanted to take us all on.
The saying about often people you might meet for a short time can have lasting effect on your life...it's like those random images you mentioned and why they stick around your brain..things that have no real place in the memory but just stick around forever...brains weird man

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