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I've sat at home with my kids
walked my dog and went home
went to work and come home
I loved coming home

now I sit on my own at home
walk and return home
fill my time then home
I hate this home


So much said in so few words... a melancholia that seeps into the bones- may your home one day again become your hearth....
that seems to be Escorial's forte'.
So often, he speaks so few words and yet he say's so much.

what i wouldn't give for some solitude but then, if i had it i'd probably tire of it.
I'm just old, tired and becoming increasingly groutchy as i age.

Life eh?
i do not remember writing this..the bottles of scotch have haggled my brain lately..ha..
Once there was away to back homeward...the words of a song that crushes my future thoughts of the future....
it's about living as a family man then ending up living alone and not having what I now realise was a safety zone against being alone and now depression

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