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Home Invaders: Section One of... ?

You just need something fixed, right?

Say a quick prayer. If you call for some home service "professional' (i.e. plumber, painter, cable guy, etc.) you're rolling the dice. And you know it. Maybe you'll get the clean, articulate professional that you'd gladly recommend. Or, maybe, you get the guy that looks like he just crawled off the barroom floor, smells like an ashtray and speaks in monosyllabic grunts.
Don't think that because you called a large, reputable firm that you're guaranteed a quality technician. Remember, companies need to fill slots. Sometimes, they just need a warm body that can do the job.
You want more. You deserve better. And this is not written for you.

If YOU are one of those in-home service professionals, here's the short version:

Don't be that guy.

What follows is the long version. Now, you probably received some form of "customer service training" from your employer. Whatever you learned is almost certainly incomplete, and more than likely has given you the illusion that you are a good representative for your company. YOU ARE NOT. You're mediocre at best. Listen to me. I will make you better.

This is going to take a while, so here's lesson number one: Patience.

You can't rush excellence. Most short-cuts result in poor quality. If you don't have the time to read and understand what I'm writing, you're probably already "That Guy" and can't be fixed. This will take quite a few blog posts. Patiently read and digest each one. Please post your questions or comments after reading. I'm here to help.

Now, for the first free tip, worth far more than the purchase price:


You do not get ready when you get to work. You do not get your game face on when you wake up. You prepare the night before.

Pack your lunch. Have your uniform / work clothes ready. Have money for breakfast and coffee, bridge or turnpike. Eat a good dinner, and get to bed on time. You cheat your employer and your customers showing up tired and hungry. If you like to drink and party, you'd better be able to clean yourself up adequately. Drinking past midnight on a worknight is idiotic and immature.

If you have a work vehicle, gas it up and wash it. If you might need some special equipment / forms etc. find them the night before. If you must take or make personal calls during your workday, plan them for a time that will not disrupt your work. Also, know any special road closures and / or weather delays. Plan accordingly.

Tell your wife / partner the best estimate of when you'll be done. If it's going to be a long day, it's less stressful for all to communicate ahead of time.

That's enough for now. And remember, I share because I care.
And I don't want you to be That Guy.


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