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home hunting

well I had to get out my flat and can't find anywhere that comes close to what I had before....you walk into some places and walk right back out. I'm in temporary accomodation at the moment an it drags you down not having your own space but what can you do. Had a look at a flat today and thought best so far then I get an e-mail that it's no longer available....ah well!


Getting stressed...been staying in my brothers rather then temporary accommodation I was in and it's getting me down..feel like going out and getting sozzled to stop thinking about it all for a few hours....I've realized that I don't have the desire anymore to just pack and go anywhere to see what happens....need to relax man.
Life sometimes eh?
What i wouldn't give, just to " get off" sometimes, but the world won't go away. It waits, and it stalks, and it's a bitch, at the best of times.

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