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Home Gaurd

My dream of landing on the Florida keys to make America a British colony again is one war I will have to miss out on but today I went for a swim an the pool was for 50+ swimming and I normally jump in but instead I walked around the pool an even asked the lifeguard in her chair....what time is a public swim...hoping she would say you'll have to come back later..nope nothing...I swam with the old people an never looked out of place...and when war comes I'll probably make home gaurd but I would like to give them Yanks what for on the beaches..


Florida? Is that a coincidence or are you aware that the original pilgrim fathers were actually Spanish Catholics who landed in Florida and set up a settlement there where everyone, even slaves, had human rights? The later arrival of the British Protestants then set human rights back decades.
escorial;bt14475 said:
It's what were good at ...

What we were good at was endurance. I think you might get a shock if you were planning on giving ANYONE what for.

But on a lighter note, I DO wish that there was an indoor swimming pool close by that had times reserved for oldies like me. I might even learn to swim.
You need to come to Santi-Moniky , go for a swim out there an' see the 'juvenile' great whites- they're so cute this time of year.
P.s. - and because it's a Friday here's a bonus track for you- a man singing to his dead goldfish ( sounds really nice- turn it up) :
Dear Mr Trump...you have until the finish of tomorrows word cricket final to give into our demands...a red,pillow an phone box on every. street corner with a tea room close by and of course red buses..you can have Meghan back(miss Simpson was enough)...all dentistry will be outlawed ...all we ask is you reinstate Boris Johnson as your love child and make ivannah love him as her own...God bless our ageing queen an Prince of Wales for living in cuckoo land were they are very comfortable an happy..the un United kingdom awaits your reply
Thank you
Adolf stalin escorial

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