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HOME AGAIN, HOME AGAIN, JOGGITY, JOG an author's winning the game............

So, got home on Tuesday night...... picked up the puppy Wednesday, maintenance crew in the apartment building decided to clean my A/C ducts while I was gone and left a royal mess so after being gone a whole week got the pleasure of having to clean my entire apartment all over again, vacuuming, mopping floors, washing the kitchen and bathroom down. FINALLY got all that done, bills paid, and wallah! We have a hurricane on the horizon folks! Dorian is out side, wanting to knock on the door and visit perhaps. He can't make up his mind when he wants to drop by, or if he wants to come in, stay for a while, or just breeze on by. It's all up for grabs. Fickle fellow, him. He is, however, being a rather grim reaper in the Bahama's at the moment.

Well, enough of that. I am at the moment quite engrossed in reading a series by Ilona Andrews, the adventures about magic Kate Daniels, the protagonist in a series of urban fantasy novels, in a world of magic, monsters, werebears, werehyenas, necromancers and more. Kate’s weapon of choice is the sword and often says the wrong thing. I'm on book 5 and she's quite entrancing. Right now she's "mated" to the Beast Lord. Need I say more......... For a poet, it's funny that I like the light reading, but I'm a sucker for a good detective story, and if it has some fantasy in it, all the better.. and what's better than some vampires, magical beings and some werewolves, right?

So, even though I am trying to write a very inspirational haiku about the month of Elul and all that spiritual stuff for the High Holy days and all............... well, you know...........

I love my family, I love my writing, I love my friends, Love my computer, love my blog website, love Facebook, love Writing Forums,

but gotta say............

Ilona's winning the game.............. go writers................


The weather men are talking bout Dorian here, no doubt we'll some of that before he's done but not like you guys get it. Isn't Dorian a she?:indecisiveness:
Ilona Andrews is good to read yes to the sword
sorry about Dorian
i hope it passes with little effect as us tourists get fewer places to go next week
Stay safe out there! Hoping for the best for you and all who are in Dorian's path!
dither;bt14649 said:
The weather men are talking bout Dorian here, no doubt we'll some of that before he's done but not like you guys get it. Isn't Dorian a she?:indecisiveness:

Dorian is a he this time round

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