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Hollywood Heroes(?)

There's this thing going around in which people who have been scandalized or some such years and years ago are being lauded as heroes and champions of social justice.

Then I saw something that sort of made me want to throw up. It was also actually intriguing...


Here, you have what appears to have been prior knowledge to a host of sickening things in Hollywood. By now, it might be well known that Seth Macfarlane had also subtly commented on Harvey Weinstein's sexual perversions in his cartoon series, Family Guy. People have been calling this guy a hero of some sort because of it because he was trying to get his message across and I couldn't believe it...

The message you should pick up from these recent events can be numerous, but one of them is to STOP MAKING HEROES OUT OF PEOPLE YOU HARDLY KNOW. Looking past that, I think Seth is not even worthy of a commendation, let alone worship. Why?

Was Seth really trying to communicate something to the public? Because there are better ways of doing that. The recent revelations were not due to Seth MacFarlane's brave cartoons, they were because of a few initial revelations by people of these incidents. Had it not been for these women, we might still be oblivious or uncaring of it. You could say that Seth had to do it because his job was in jeopardy and...how is that an excuse. If I said I could have saved your daughter from being kidnapped and raped, but I didn't want to put my standing with the Board of Education in jeopardy since the person was the well-connected Principal, are you going to be like, "Okay, man. I understand." Hell no.

What Seth MacFarlane and a lot of these other so called reluctant bystanders did was keep quite and enable the filth that was going on in Hollywood because their career was more important to them. Success over morality is that choice they made. Now this part I'm going to say here might be considered victim bashing and it is, but I think they deserve it. I'm being hard here, but those people who were actually molested in the past, but took the money instead of pursuing the case. Now they want to come out and squawk about injustice and time for change and all that. And I'm like...you took money rather than fight. Aren't you part of the problem. Money over morality. Personal security over social justice. You took the money and muffled yourself and let the scumbag that did this to you walk so he could do it to someone else.

But...I do realize that this might have been too hard since the people were so powerful that whatever they said would have just been swatted down by an equally corrupt court and a public that's half-full of people that would reject her story simply on the basis of seeing her as some sort of overreacting feminist.

But this is my point. Seth knew about these things as well...for a long time...and didn't really do anything to stop it. He's no hero. Hell, he might even be a part of the problem. I can't say that's true because I don't know, but after all this you'd think people would be a little more scrutinizing about these people as well as the glitz, glam, and mania thrown at them. But this hero worship of Seth makes me think that people will go right on making heroes for no good reason than a sense of optimism and a need, desire, or lust for a personal hero or icon of worship and because of that, people like Cosby will continue to thrive. Hell, they're probably the loudest voices condemning the Weinstein's of today.

This is a good question to ask yourself though. It is very similar to the vampire question I brought up a few times in which I stated that people are likely to take the power or the incentive that supports self-indulgence over morality and compassion for others. If you were approached by a vampire and offered the "dark gift" in exchange for the evil you would do to other people to sustain it, would you take it? As you can see, the basic idea of this question reverberates throughout society. People are going to excuse...and freakin lionize people who stand by and keep quiet out of fear or self-centerdness and that's exactly how you keep an evil and twisted conspiracy going in plain sight. People often say, "Pfft, if it was a conspiracy many people would have known about it." Yes. They always do. But the people who try to report the real ones are written off by these so called "realists".

And how much more of this kind of stuff do you think goes on? My opinion. People already know about most of it. Maybe not specifically, but they know it's rotten. Rotten to the core. But they buy into it even deeper. That's partly why Trump is elected. People, supposedly, got tired of corruption and they elected a guy that has an extensive history of corruption, lies, extortion, scams, and sexual misconduct into the White House. He merely said what they wanted to hear, and they elected him, and to hell with what reason and logic state. I'm not saying that Hillary or Obama or any of them are good, they ALL say what you want to hear and appear to be the "swamp-cleaners", the "change-makers", the liberators and saviors of the true and righteous kingdom of the world, but what of them when it all comes down? They elect a criminal over a criminal and will elect another criminal or snake in the future if it hisses the right things. They'll support horror for the sake of going along to get along, not making a rough ride through life for themselves ahead of doing the right thing. The utopians...the moralists...the religious...all of them, for the most part. I'm not exactly saying you should go out and crusade and risk your stability because by now I'm thinking this is just how life works. But at the same time, people don't really own up to this truth. They really still see themselves as good people when they're good...so long as you omit the evil they do through things like willful ignorance of the costs of their relative happiness.

It's a sermon...but I think it's the truth. Only, I don't really tell people to do this or that anymore, I realize people will tend to themselves and don't want to risk themselves or their families in some fight against the thousand evils we know about and the thousand evils we don't. I'm just looking at the whole thing as clearly as I think it is. Not heaven. Not total hell. But a murky, murky swamp. A place of levity...and horror. The optimists will say "Are you insane, life is great, look at all the fun I'm having." The pessimists will say, "Are you insane? It's evil to the root." The truth is that both slide around one another like bands of color in an oil slick. This story will come and go. People will continue to be abused. Are being abused. And life in the savage garden will persist.

Hail, Discordia.


Mm... Kamino, there's stuff going on that people hear about, but unless you're in the room while Harvey's ... whatever, what are you supposed to do? You're not really a witness but when you hear the same type of stories you tend to see a pattern. Seth has, did at least make a mention of it in very public, industry setting. No one else did. Blackwell wrote a book on it ( casting couches) but that was after his career ; not during. Unsubstantiated accusation will get you Feldman responses. That's what happened; that's what happens... To this day, right now. Is Seth my hero? No...almost, maybe, because he has at least spoken with his show, taken on the untouchables like Weinstien and Scientology. That's a huge risk in a town where one false move or word and you are blacklisted. Everyone is afraid. It's not like here on our sideline; it's the life and death of a career. There are men in power right now continuing to do and act as before. The Euriopean business culture for one, is known for it, worse than here. Totally sexist environment, that's what I've been told by multiple women that have experienced it in multiple countries. Where's the outrage? What is being said or done? Nothing.

Edit: Bill Cosby, and Hannibal Buress (?)
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