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Ho'ho'ho then.

On this chilly winter's morning. Quietly mooching about my house thinking of nothing in particular and wondering what the hell i'm going to do with myself for the rest of the day.
I have a slight hangover but that's normal for a Sunday morning and i wouldn't mind being able to turn my tinnitus down a few decibels but there you go. How about it Santa? A volume control for Tinnitus? Ho'ho'ho then, never mind.
I reckon i shall have a few minutes pottering about the kitchen, get my grub for the day sorted out. Then a spot of reading i suppose, with pear juice for refreshment.

Enjoy the day all,



And a very merry Christmas to you Kaminshiyo. No, i don't share. I sit here drinking and pouring scorn on the world alone in my bunker.

Kaminoshiyo, i don't know anybody.

That is going to seem beyond comprehension in this day and age but it's true.

It's like when i tell people at work that i don't watch tv.

" Yeah but you MUST see such and such".

"No i absolutely, quite categorically, do not watch tv."

I don't do fun. The word " fun " isn't in my vocabulary. Wouldn't know how. That's not to say that i'm in a constant state of misery, i'm fine, really. And i do smile occasionally.

I get by.

I don't think i'm really a true hermit to be honest. It is rather a convenient excuse for how i am though. Life just turned out that way. I sometimes wish i could socialise but again, i wouldn't know how. And people... i don't know...maybe I expect too much of them. They're too competitive.
So much for goodwill then.

Already i got a neighbour on my arse because of a roaming dog.
" We don't want that in our garden".

Sort your fence out is what they're saying.

Speaking of being a hermit.
You wouldn't believe the state of this hovel of a box-room where i sit and post.
It's hardly big enough for a toilet.
And i'm a hoarder. Wall to wall junk.

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