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Hike Planned :)

Sometimes I sit at my computer and I scroll through images of places I never saw before and the most jaw-dropping and inspiring are the natural things I never seen before. Things like different types of plants and animals that look so alien but cool and yet I never ever heard of them. It's at these times I realized that I know the traditional pantheon of animals taught in schools but the world really is so much bigger. Actually, no. It's not that the world is bigger, it just has much more depth to it than I imagined. There's still a lot I don't know...

So what's with the hike?

I have trouble picturing things like a mountain pass and a forest. I know what a generic forest would look like, but different forests...and ridges...and cliff's...and things that you would hear and see and feel in a forest? Nada. I feel like because I don't know any of these things, if I write about more than one it will become painfully obvious I don't know what I'm talking about.

So...I signed up for a little hiking vacation. Wasn't hard as I thought. Apparently nature exists very close to NYC- about an hours ride north of the city by rail. (and I get to ride on a train all Agatha Christie-like). I plan to spend a good a week just walking and seeing as much as I can see and becoming thoroughly familiar with the distance between my conception of my own physical fitness and the reality. I suppose getting lost would be the best method of actually experiencing the "wild" but I won't go there...intentionally.

I actually wanted to plan a different trip to the Appalachian, but why be all fancy and expensive...

It's a shallow substitute for the massive variety of the world, but I'm a city kid that never really left the city and experienced much of the world beyond the urban environment and so nature has this sort of spiritual air to it. Me walking into an actually wild place would be like the first European explorers of the East climbing in from the shores through the ne'er before seen jungles of the American tropics. Well...maybe not that much.

Ah well. I hope to have a good time nonetheless.


Great post kaminoshiyo, enjoy your week and let us know what gives out there eh? I almost envy you your experience.
Take pics. Flip over some rocks, roll over a soggy log. Bet you see stuff.

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