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Hiddy Ho

Hiddy Ho Everyone,

So my time away from work is slowly coming to an end so watch on here for the latest excerpts from my writing as I try and get more done.

However tonight I am here to propose a newish Idea; during my first couple of days on the forum me and another member were discussing how music could effect the writing of a person as they listen. So that if a writer listened to nothing but heavy metal music would this in turn produce a darker piece of writing with a heavier tone than say listening to nothing but Pop Music. I am very interested to see how this little experiment of mine will pan out.

I was wondering if anyone else had thought about this or had tried this approach to writing themselves?

So over the next few days I am going to try and write some sort pieces of writing listening to a different genre of music. Each day a new story will hopefully be added with my own thoughts of this process.

Looking forward to writing.



Hi H- I always think that being in a certain type of mood drives the music you pick. So whether you listen to music or not, your writing may be affected by your mood not necessarily the music. However, if you are in a bad mood and listen to dark music- maybe than you will write something darker than you would otherwise. Good luck with your writing.
That is an interesting thought. I had not even though of how emotions would/could play apart in it.
Thank you and good luck to you for your own writings.

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