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Heroes Vs. Vapid Hedonists

God, I wish I had the time to read Neil Postman's Amusing Ourselves to Death.. I will get to it soon, I hope.

I'm just so tired. But I feel moved to write finally. Perhaps not for the best of reasons. Regardless, my wife is going through Hell dealing with her estate executorship and the squabbling sisters. I have to support her. This weekend I'll be busy getting the in-laws' house ready to sell. No time for writing.

My first catalyst to write (eventually) was that condescending jerk-wad teacher that described Veterans as "the lowest of the low". I had been planning on writing a series of short bios on some of the Veterans that I had the honor of knowing. Now, I feel that I have to. I know that, at this point in US history, the fewest people per capita actually know a Veteran. I will introduce a few. Some vets I've known may have qualities that reinforce the prejudices held by the public... at a cursory glance. They're not perfect. No one is. Not even Mr. Masters in Comparative Navel Studies, with a minor in Mass Equivocation.

Which leads me to my second focus of extrospection: Our over educated, arrogant yet dumb as rocks society. We are doomed, period.
Q: How many Millennials does it take to change a light bulb?
A: One. If his cell phone is working and he can call a handyman to do it for him.
We've been through this before. And I'm sorry to pick on Millennials again, but you folks are what we wrought. I am VERY sorry.
I suppose I am part of the problem with my tone and attitude, but the discourse in this country has gone from caustic to just plain brain-dead.
If you're going to yell at me (or anyone), at least have an argument... of some kind. FYI: If it fits on a bumper sticker or protest sign, it's probably not a well-thought argument. "You're on That Side, you're evil". "You just want to take away a ______'s right to ______!"
Right. Just pick and choose which of the Amendments in The Bill of Rights you like. Defend that. The rest don't matter anymore.

Really, none of it matters. Our Heroes are ridiculed. Idiocracy is in session, and the cabinet is fully staffed. We're managing the decline. The good news is that we'll all soon be equal. The librarian that gives a poor kid a book is now a "hero". So is any person from a protected class that has any life difficulties. "Heroes" today are people that get shot. Funny, we used to call those folks victims. You can be a "hero". Give some money, to the correct group. Volunteer, for the right people. Also funny, we used to just call that civic duty.

No. There are REAL heroes. And there are REAL idiots. You're an idiot if you think sending $20 to help the ASPCA "protect" cows and chickens makes anyone a "hero". It just means you are involved, and care. Good for you. Have a cookie.

Anyway, I'll leave you all to get back to your Soma. Postman was right picking Huxley over Orwell. Feel good about yourself. And forgive my rant. I too am one of those "lowest of the low", and sometimes I just demonstrate my poor upbringing. John the Savage checking out.


Veterans, I've known a few; my two brothers, Jack and Doug. One fought after D-day, the other was an MP in Germany after surrender. My friend Tommy, in Korea after the war. He often talked about his exploits. "Old man" Uranga across the alley - Vietnam vet, spent time in a tiger cage before he escaped. Smoked himself to death. So many stories , too few real heroes anymore.
In terms of Huxley and Orwell, I think it's reasonable that Huxley leads to Orwell. They're both right in their respective ways.

I respect veterans. I have my disagreements with our foreign policy, our military industrial complex, etc., but I separate it from the veterans. Last week I saw 12 Years Strong with my dad and I actually thought it was a good movie.

Not all millennials are as you describe, but most of them are. In our defense, many of us may not know how to work on cars, but we can work on a computer. It actually blew my mind when I realized that the discussions our fathers would have as they stand around a car admiring the engine, or trying to fix something on the car, are similar to how all my friends will stand around a computer and admire the casing, the watercooling, the SLI, the processor.

"What are your specs?"

List some badass, top of the line graphics cards, motherboard, etc. Then everybody wants you to boot that thing up and see what it can do. Launch one of the most graphics intensive games you can think of and everybody will be amazed, in the same way that you can take your buddies for a drive in your awesome new car.

Many millennials are familiar with the construction of a computer and how it all "works", to some extent. Maybe not familiar down to the lines of code and binary, but still. And I've modified my version of Skyrim with graphical mods, patches that fix problems with the game- that is conceptually similar, in my opinion, to modifying your car with decals or installing nitrous.
I see where you’re coming from but I think there’s a lot wrong with what you said.

You can blame millenials, but you might as well throw all of us in with them. We all contribute to the problems- we just think we don’t. You don’t think so and the people you point to won’t think so. That’s the biggest problem. No one takes responsiblity for the part they contribute to the problem. (me included)

I don’t make a blanket criticism of veterans, but the organization they serve is pretty messed up and if you knowingly serve that organization, same goes to you. Our wars tend not to be very honorable and simply because people decide to risk their lives for a cause doesn’t make them hinkrable or sacred or beyond criticism or consequence. Criminals sacrIfice their lives. So do terrorists. I’ve seen pretty bad military personnel give that spiel about serving as if it were some sort of martyr card. While I understand the individual servicemen can have opinions different from the overall organisation and can even be victims of it doesn’t really vindicate them completely. If I were an hinest priest that knowingly served a pedophile Bishop, how honest an I? Thing is honor, courage, and comitment isn’t much but words if you can’t fight the evil wherever it is rather than the one you ordered to fight.

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