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Here's how far I've come...

Well, I've got a steady trickle of pennies coming in through the writing websites I've joined, which are linked below. All together, it's about $1.35--a very modest start. One of my poems has been featured on Helium's main page (surprising, as the poem must have taken all of 3 minutes to write.) Things are moving slowly, but I'm very proud to say that I've come this far. Check out my writing on the sites (links below!) A lot of it I can't post here because I've sold the rights to Helium for a full year.

My Helium Profile
My HubPages Profile
My Squidoo Profile

Consider joining the sites! They're good for make small change (more if you write a lot) and it;s great for getting your words out of Word and into a good looking, online article format.


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