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Here they come, and they know everything we must learn ...

Dealing cards is tough. Especially when you're me, trying to do it in C++ with a limited grasp of vectors and what happens when you stack them. (A pile is a vector of cards, a tableau is a vector of piles.)

Anyway, I'm stalled until the cavalry arrives. Dunno when that will be because I'm not sure who or what it will look like. I know some people, and I'm on some fora and I'll get the issue resolved. Of course, this next class isn't till Tuesday--even so, it's not actually meeting because the instructor will be attending a conference.

This week is All-State Choir for 2-year colleges and it's in San Antonio and my arranging/composition instructor is also our choir director. So no class this week (no new homework, either).

Because of this, I have time to read the forum and A Book. I even wrote a couple of poetry-type things. Nothing for the Grand Challenge--no way I can poop out something in two days, especially if the cavalry arrives soon.

Our TV is busted--it's an old-style, analog, cathode ray television. So we're shopping this weekend with our tax refund and maybe getting a new one. A flat screen one. This is exciting, especially for the teenagers who will probably make the most use of it.


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