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Tonight, i lost my whole heart to someone
someone who thought at first age didn’t matter
but now thinks so differently.

Tonight, someone broke my heart in two
and buried it in the soil.
And now there’s a hole in my chest where my heart should be.

Tonight, that someone might be swept away
by another person who is older than myself.
and quite possibly older than his daughters.

Before tonight, we were planning to move in together
to have a family together
and pay bills together.

How can i be so blind to not see this coming?
How can he be so heartless?
All of the things he told me were a fucking lie.

Why break my heart and bury it now
than take a chance at the beginning
of relationship to tell me that he doesn’t love me?

Why did he say that he doesn’t mind my age
if later he would deceive me?
Why so heartless to let me go so badly hurt and bandaged.

He’s not the nicest person that we all perceive.
At the end, he could stab your heart with lies
and then turn around to say he never did love you.

He tried and his heart won’t let him
you see, with love there’s no age difference.
He later sees that there’s a difference.

Yes, he’s heartless.
You may not see it
until the utmost end.


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