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Heading to work today

In a frenzy he rubbed. He looked and rubbed some more. Hunched over a trash can, he reminded me of a raccoon washing his food. I felt pity for him. Grunts of despair and anguish escape his lips. The ground is littered with his failures even though he stands over the trash can. His last attempt at hope. I watch him. One part of me knows his situation is hopeless, the other wonders what if.

The last ticket. The last chance…nothing. With a fit of anger, he throws the last one in the trash.

I am standing next to him, the eternal optimist who would never ever gamble on something like a lottery ticket. He had hopes. For a brief moment I am sure he had dreams. I tell him, “Hey be thankful you didn’t win, it would ruin your life.”

As he climbs in to his old car he turns to me and say. “Well at least I gave to the United Negro College today.” the acid of his tone if obvious

I watched as he sped away in disgust. It occurred to me that he had already started his day off on the wrong foot.

I don’t buy lotter tickets, I have no desire to have something I did not earn.

I leave the gas station; my daughter sits beside me in the truck. I am in a great mood. The weather is perfect and all is right with the world.

Today Cathy and I worked together welding studs. I am a lucky man that I can still have the pleasure of working with my daughter.

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Love photo!

My lottery story:
Our State lottery was 12 million dollars about 20years ago. I never would buy one. I believe in work not luck. Anyway, a co-worker wanted one buck from 11 others in the office. She got 10. Begged me for other dollar. I was very busy working and said no. When the cleaning woman came in she took last ticket. Of course, they each won a million.

You know, I never felt badly about it because the cleaning lady was poor, 70, and wonderful. She’d bring us her sweet potato pie. She was so excited. She told me she was going to buy herself “a reliable automobile.”
How great is that. She quit working. I often wonder about her and think I’m damn glad I didn’t have that ticket. Her life changed immeasurably.

We're sharing lotto stories? Which one should I, the one where the guy got served divorce papers sometime after she'd emptied the joint bank account of the eighty thousand leftover after taxes in a hundred thousand lotto winnings? Because of that he got to keep the house... Judge ruled it even-steven.
Or, the old pirate looking plastering contractor, been married so many times, each wife took it all? He and Polynesia wife (number-something over 3 or 4 - can't recall) paid off the house . Then they figured out all her family was sucking it dry, all of it, each lotto payment, each installment, so they took off for parts unkown, left them a note: don't call us, we'll call you? They won 8 mil. He was retirement age, anyway. Loved to fish.never heard from him since.
There was a story in the newspapers here about how a young man had won millions and complained that it had really messed up his plans. He'd hoped for something like £200k and got the big one. I don't know how his life went after that.
It's funny though how winning millions does seem to ruin lives.
I buy a lottery every week.
Don't/wouldn't need much to buy me security and beyond early retirement I doubt that it would change my life much but I often think of the good I could do with it.
Sas, Kevin and Dither. All great stories. There is something unique about people who are poor one day and millionaires the next. While I have never had money I did not earn, I have in the past been very wealthy and also very poor. Call it a combination of good business sense and practices, some dumb mistake and one dance with the IRS. What I found is that most people are resentful of it when you do have wealth even when you worked hard and smart. I can't imagine the dynamics if everyone knew the only reason you had money was because you won it. I know that they say most that do win the lottery after ten years end up in about the same economic station as when they did win.

I am hoping Sas's story about the cleaning woman was the exception. That is quite a story and I bet you are far better off for not wining and she was much better off for it. Money can be a curse if you don't know how to use it, I doubt most people would ever believe that.

Dither, you might just be one of the few people that money does not change :}
I confess that I do have one regret about not winning. My daughter’s health is poor. Healthcare is of major concern. But, I know from experience that a million dollars is squat if you are hospitalized for even a few months. Squat.
I am a lucky man that I can still have the pleasure of working with my daughter.

You are a lucky man. My kids are at that age where they know everything, and think I'm an idiot.
And I'm beginning to think they are right.

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