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Haves / Have Nots

My wife read a story detailing how one of Obama's kids is going to Harvard, or some such snooty school. American Royalty. Hillary's kid is set for life, with all their connections. And we all know about the Bush oligarchy. But they all work so hard for those perks, right? Right.

Meanwhile, here on Earth, the cops grace us with their presence. My son does some snooping, and finds out that the police are concerned about someone sleeping in a van. On private property. With the owner's permission. Gasp.

Folks in that house are up at the break of dawn, as I'm off to work. Sometimes they have to jump-start their old work truck. He does some kind of construction work. The guy in the van was probably some kid that works for him. That's the economy WE live in. And we just try to take care of one another.

I'm just so angry now. All these demagogues promising free stuff, blowing smoke up our... tails. Yet, people are living in cars, being hassled by the police. I just read that 40% of Americans couldn't cover an emergency of $400.

It's May Day. The Anarchists in Seattle will throw some rocks, and break some windows. And nothing will change.

That guy in the van, being hassled by the cops? I think he'll be okay. I mean, all he has to do is get one of those sweet speaking engagements like Hillary, and he'll rake in at least a half million. Then deposit it in a bank in Panama.

What? It doesn't work that way for everyone? Just the anointed and enlightened? My bad.


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