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Haven't been around much in January

So, I haven't been around much in January..... I had the first cataract surgery on the 7th of January and my vision has been poor, because one eye is blurry and if I wear my glasses to correct that vision the now "good" eye is out of focus because the corrective lens throws the vision out of wack on the post-cataract implanted lens eye, and no, popping the lens out of the glasses doesn't work well as my lenses are progressives and I get double vision from trying to see out of them that way. Only if I am holding my head perfectly still (like watching TV) will that work. Then it is perfect, but only if I don't move my head. So it's a strain to read. I do spend time on the computer for limited amounts of time, but the vision is distracting and doesn't lend itself to creativity or even being conducive for doing critiques or much reading of things, more for surfing and such without trying to comprehend much. Thus the lack of participation here on the site and definitely not writing. My second eye surgery is Tuesday and then about week of recovery time until I can see well out of that eye, then smooth sailing should be in my future. I can't wait, it has been very frustrating having this lopsided vision all month. Hope everyone's year so far of 2020 has been great!


Hi Florida, hope all goes well on Tuesday and you make a speedy recovery.

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