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Have to start sometime ... may as well be now

I am a lovely woman and I am getting to know her. She is a story waiting to be written. I have felt this strongly, and yet when I sit down to write about her, she recedes like the tide and nothing I do can coax her back. She appears when least expected, sometimes disguised, and most frustrating, I do not realize that she was there until after she has gone.

She stands for truth and will battle anyone, including other parts of her self, that try to tell her otherwise. When she wraps her self in truth, she glitters from top to bottom, front to back, inside and out. Like the waving of seaweed on the ocean’s floor, she moves in rhythm with her surroundings, becoming one with what is hers, and letting what is not float by.

She is a gatherer and a borrower, and gives back what she receives after touching it with her magic. Her eyes are green, 50 shades if you will, and can darken to the richest of forest colours on a stormy night. She is fearless when it comes to protecting her truth, but will bend with the winds of change, only adding to her eternal beauty.

To know her is a privilege. To understand her is a joy. To be her is a gift. Let her story unfold ....
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