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(Hashtag) Bring Back Our Cajones

The only thing worse than doing nothing, is doing something ineffective.

The U.S. is sending some "special group" of advisers, law enforcement and and few military personnel to Nigeria. The idea is that this is some kind of rescue or hostage negotiation. People with a certain world view and ideology too often misdiagnose diseases like this, and propose the wrong cure.

They were wrong in 1950. The "police action" in Korea has turned into a sixty four year stalemate. The people of North Korea die by the thousands every year from starvation and torture in gulags that would make Stalin envious. MacArthur wanted to drop a couple of A-bombs on the hoards of marauding Chinese that turned the tide of the war, and sealed Korea's fate. Was he right? More have died in the "peace" on the Korean peninsula than died in the fighting.

They were wrong in the 1960's & 70's in Viet Nam. Half measures like "bombing halts" and obeying lines on a map got thousands of U.S. and South Vietnamese troops needlessly killed. The idea was to make the Communist North "talk". They talked, we left. The Chinese moved in, the fighting continued. Cambodia fell into chaos, and Pol Pot murdered two million of his own people. War with one hand tied behind our backs. We tied our own hands. It didn't work out well for most of Southeast Asia.

They were wrong in the 1990's. As militant Islam grew and spread like a cancer, The U.S. was enjoying it's so called "Peace Dividend" after the Cold War. Al Quida's leader, Osama Bin Laden, declared war on us. He blew up our embassies. He sank a Navy ship. He had big plans. Our response was to send out a team to capture him. CAPTURE HIM? Yeah, like an arrest. We failed. Not because we didn't try. We just didn't try hard enough. Bigger things going on, like bombing Serbians during a civil war. The "law enforcement" plan went out the window on 9/11. Along with many, many innocent lives.

We don't take this nutjob in Nigeria seriously at our peril. Evil people see our restraint as weakness. And it is.

Here's what we do: Find the headquarters of Boko Haram. Shoot every adult male carrying a rifle. If possible, capture Abubakar Shekau and try him on the spot, execute him, and post the video to YouTube. Any survivors will be "vigorously interrogated" to find the whereabouts of every single missing girl. Go full Jack Bauer on the scumbags. Make the survivors drag, carry, push and roll the bodies (and parts thereof) of their Boko Haram henchmen back to each of their respective villages. Then issue a strongly worded statement and call the UN.

Simple, right? I can't believe I was turned down for that job as National Security Advisor.


Good post, I share your sentiments. I too am tired of talk, of red lines in the sand and not standing up for what is right for the fear of appearing wrong. Good men know what needs to be done, they do it because it right not because of the fall out from those who disapprove.

Good men are both well hated and well Loved. Being luke warm in any comment is the 1st ingredient in failure
Re: Korea and Vietnam

This is based on the assumption that the U.S. power elite were motivated by humanitarian desires.
What if this assumption is false? The conclusion would be negated.
Common sense isn't something modern politicians worry about. Common sense doesn't win votes, after all, spin and money do.

Let's think about another example of current lack of political will to take strong action where it's needed: why are the EU and NATO sitting on collective their laurels about Крым (Crimea) right now? Common sense would say that letting the Russian Federation take over part of any of its former territories as the USSR would be a bad idea, and yet, we do nothing because (especially in the case of the EU) it would hurt our economies too much.

Just how far do you think the West is going to stick its neck out for anyone who can't do something for them in the here-and-now, politically or economically? The case is, of course, much worse in Nigeria, since no NATO territories are potentially in danger and Nigeria doesn't figure very much into the international economy, relatively speaking.

Much Respect,

John M. Carr

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