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Happy mother's day.

Saturday morning would normally be a shop-day for me and today it will be, I shall.... go shopping..... but the experience, the task of carrying out would be anything but..... normal. Thanks to the shock-waves of the corona-v spreading ever outwards from China. The effects which, the image of a stone being thrown into a pond and the ripples gently pushing out from the epi-center springs to mind, but this is more akin to slab of concrete being dropped into the metaphorical pond from a great height and we're not talking ripples here.

In the newspapers and on the news-channels we read and hear stuff like; self-isolate, pubs clubs eating-places to just mention a few we must stay away from if they're not already closed to the public. We're not to use public transport, to go out even, unless absolutely necessary. Panic in the supermarkets. But we have to eat, pay bills, and to do that we have to work. Jobs and lively-hoods, hanging in the balance. At least I'm retired and so, to some extent, should consider myself fortunate. But I've still got to eat, and a few people, although I'm old, are still counting on me to bring home " bacon" or at the very least..... some semblance of.

And so, at approximately nine-thirty this morning I had decisions to make. I needed a plan. We're only a small town out here in the sticks and so, bearing in mind the madness that seems to have beset the world at large, I would have to consider my options.

Costcutters; Little more than your average corner shop, pretending to be a High Street Grocer.

Tesco Express; I took umbrage a long long time ago at them trying to force me to use self-service. Suffice to say, I would rather go hungry.

The Co-op; Is quite a small store as they DO tend to be, I think, but then we're a small town.

And then there's Aldi's; The name speaks for itself and of course and, from day one , has always been, IS, very popular, with the shoppers.

Think of the very worst reports and images of panic-buying that have we are constantly bombarded with by the media, think all the stores that I have listed.

I couldn't face the embarrassment of going to Aldi's too and associate with a rabble of grabbers, I'm sorry but that's how it feels, and so, bearing in mind that the store opens at eight am. I decided that I would get there for about ten o'clock and it actually wasn't bad. Tinned foods were down to zero. Fresh meat and cereals had taken a hammering, same as with toiletries and cleaning products but I DID manage to get what I "needed", my "essentials", I'm not complaining, feeling satisfied with the fruits of my labours, I returned my trolley, retrieved my pound-piece, and headed back into town. All I needed to do was hopefully get a packet of teacakes from the Co-op, I prefer them to Aldi's, and a Lottery ticket. I dream of ending my days is some very exclusive retirement village or gated community. I worry about personal safety as I get older. Do I worry too much? Yeah maybe, but that's another story.

Walking back into town and seeing taxi-drivers wearing face-masks was a bit of an eye-opener. Life, it is what it is, I guess.

There no teacakes I'm afraid and had to make do with hot-crossed buns, which was not great sacrifice really, it's all good here, I got my lottery ticket and exited the store. The good news from the Co-op is that they're limiting customers to only two of any item. Well done the Co-op and hurrah for common sense. That was that. Job done. Home James, and don't spare the horses. Only that wasn't ......."that". I returned home minus two very important items.

The two point five litre bottle of pear cider from Costcutters, if they had any, and the all important "Mother's day" card for 'er indoors. I'm no romantic by any stretch of the imagination but if it makes her happy, and for what? A couple o' quid. What the hell, screw the expense, toss the cat another goldfish, it's just an expression, okay? Even if I HAD a cat it probably wouldn't know what to do with a live...anything. And I still needed, well, wanted? Had a fancy for? Am I in denial here? It's not a problem. It's NOT. I am pleased to announce that I killed two birds with one stone at Costcutters. Got a card for one-fifty, they had cider aplenty, and man it tastes goo as I type this.

Happy days and happy mother's day.:cheers:



Mother's Day???Oh wow, it is early in the UK! Glad you got your mum the card.

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